Clothing tyranny with constitutionality

With the Supreme Court basically showing reluctance to review President Duterte’s martial law declaration and ceding its power to the President to determine the territorial scope of martial law, it now seems that the country’s slide to tyranny is coming to near certainty. Congress has earlier given up its power to review the bases for the martial law… Read More »


MANILA Now the Australians are mad at us. I know, I know, our president doesn’t give a koala’s hoot. But let us plain citizens try to reassure the Aussies we’re not all bad losers. It turns out some Filipinos have gone out in force to bash new WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn and his wife in social media… Read More »

Trump just wouldn’t listen

In an apparent attempt to please his voter base, President Donald Trump pulled out the United States from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and turned America from the leader of the free world to a potential pariah in the global community, particularly in the field of climate change.   Trump has been found lacking by many of… Read More »

Fooling people through fake news

Pro-administration people here aren’t bothered about dishing out fake news. In fact they love fake news. It is their most potent propaganda weapon. Recently Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre conjectured whether opposition politicians were involved in planning the conflict in Marawi City, where a rebel force called Maute Group tried to establish an Islamic caliphate. He tagged Sens. Bam… Read More »


  Once again, bashers throw sappy accusation, showing their rough-shod act. This time they have attacked Angel Locsin of pretentious act in the news she aided victims In Marawi city, claiming she did just for publicity purposes only. Ah, before ranting Angel in social media make a move first to know first her background. Did you know that… Read More »

ABOUT TESS CUSIPAG Three Renditions of One Story

~  Somehow  Tess Cusipag’s story got the spins each of the writer wants in keeping with his own biases and perceptions. Second-hand reporting for one. Injecting some fantasy in another. And dragging names of people not germane to the story in one other. Three renditions of one story. One version lacks the source. Two are inaccurate. However, there’s… Read More »

Think, Speak, Act Peace

  Among Filipinos in social media: Trending: Mindanao’s Islamic City of Marawi beseiged by Maute terrorists. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte places Mindanao under martial law. Breaking News: Earthquake hits many parts of the Philippines. First post: Woke up. Disunited nation. Back to dreaming. Another post: My bed rocks. Hi, ho … nightmares away! ATM: Blasts, firefight between military… Read More »

Tyranny: The signs are clear

For the umpteenth time, Malacanang spokesmen had to explain and tone down what President Duterte had casually told soldiers just a few days after declaring martial law in Mindanao. The President said he would ignore the Supreme Court and Congress if they meddled with his decision to declare martial law in Mindanao.   “Until the police and the… Read More »

Napoles should not be spared

  THE tradeoff looks rather obvious. After Solicitor General Jose Calida appealed to the Court of Appeals to overturn the conviction of alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles in January, the appellate court suddenly found no evidence establishing beyond reasonable doubt that Napoles abducted and kept hostage her cousin, Benhur Luy, and acquitted her.   That… Read More »