Trivia: The Miss Universe fever still rages on in the Philippines, especially our bet Maxine Medina made it to the top six despite criticisms thrown to her prior to the coronation rites. But did you know many of the Bb. Pilipinas beauties turned showbiz celebrities after their reign? In the ‘50s title holder, Cristina Pacheco was the initial… Read More »

‘MONEY (THAT’S WHAT I WANT)’ The Lessons of Being Candid

“It is better that the truth be known than that scandal be covered up.” – St. Augustine TORONTO – The feeling must be exhilarating. It is as if power radiates from one’s fingertips. Wait out, then sue at the opportune time and collect the rewards. Sue again and silence the lambs. This situation is actually happening in the… Read More »

Contemptible and Thoughtless Adversaries

“We set no special value on the possession of a virtue until we perceive that it is entirely lacking in our adversary.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche TORONTO – Any person in his right mind would seethe with anger at the cavalier fashion some people treat a catastrophic situation involving family. I would, and I am. My family and I were… Read More »

THE BIGGEST STREET FEST IN NORTH AMERICA President Duterte, Sen. Pacquiao Are Invited to 2017 Taste of Manila Festival in Toronto

~ Every year the Taste of Manila street festival in Toronto gets bigger and bigger. Last year, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other federal and provincial government officials graced the occasion. This year, on Aug. 19 and 20, organizers are optimistic of bringing in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao to the street fest, the… Read More »

Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe, a hard act to follow

We belong to a community that is full of different personalities. In every turn, it seems that these oddballs are always coming up with acts that we can only laugh or shake our heads. We have some who think they own our people that they are free to do whatever regardless of the consequences.  Some just refuse to… Read More »

Let the journalists do their job

Filipinos in America are in a unique situation where in a span of six months, they are faced with having to contend with two of the most controversial and contentious national leaders to emerge in recent history, both in the homeland and in their adopted land. Having had to face uncertainty in their homeland with the vague domestic… Read More »

Duterte’s shortcut style

Many people here aren’t bothered by President Rodrigo Duterte’s shortcuts in getting things done. They’re not bothered that people are getting killed without due process. Mr. Duterte’s so-called war on drugs has been going on since his election. It’s been relentless, ruthless and remorseless. The daily toll of dead bodies has included not only those of crime suspects… Read More »


CHICAGO (JGL) – There are only very few palindromes – words, phrase or even numbers — that can be read either forward or backward. Words like “Eve,” “pop” or “noon;” phrases like “Evil olive” or “No lemon, no melon” or numbers like “11,” “121” and so on are palindromes. But there are fewer still when it comes to… Read More »


Could it be true some followers of James Reid are not supportive of Nadine Lustre? Talks spread that some prefer a different reel or real partner of James. Truth to tell, James’ pal Ivan Dorchner who’s being built up by GMA-7 as one of Barbie Forteza’s leading men in the TV series Meant to Be has noticed it… Read More »