Good afternoon! I am married to Catholic in the Philippines. Working in in UAE. I have converted to Islam and now a Muslim. And returned to the Philippines and got married again. Can I be charged  by  my first wife of Bigamy ? Thank you very much!   ANS:  From what can be deciphered in your… Read More »

No honorary doctorate for Duterte

The plan of the University of the Philippines (UP) to confer an honorary doctorate degree on President Rodrigo Duterte has created quite a stir. What is the significance of the ruckus? As soon as word got out that UP was going to give Mr. Duterte an honoris causa, an uproar erupted, not only among UP students and alumni… Read More »


These days, both Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have matured beautifully, so those around the duo would echo. Yet they’re the first ones to notice too if something goes wrong in their relationships. That is every time Kathryn in silence takes her back to Daniel and vice versa. This denotes bad moments for the tandem. Kathryn admits her… Read More »


Q. Hi Atty Wong, Good day. Please advise what is the best way to do when I am planning to give my land to my children given the following conditions: 1. Documents available are transfer certificate of title and deed of absolute sale. 2. The said property was given by my grandparents to me and my brother (deceased)… Read More »

CON ARTISTS GALORE Fraudsters and Impostors in Toronto’s Filipino Community

~  The Filipino community is a happy mix of honest, hardworking individuals, true patriots, uppity social climbers, pretenders, among others. Within this structure, a small army of con artists proliferate. They are everywhere – in community organizations, in media, in business, in glittering social events. It’s quite difficult to fathom why these fraudsters operate with impunity. Is the… Read More »


Not a few have a notion that showbiz is a make believe world where no truthful camaraderie existing and pretentious actuations abound. At that, the consensus has it that there’s no lasting friendship transpires, particularly these days. However, in my more than five decades as movie journalist, this writer can attest the presence of real chums in the… Read More »

Wala Lang!

        No apologies. The “Nothing!” below that you are about to see – and perhaps, read – is a product of just one of those bad hair days that creeps me when I dare to write.         Before “Wala lang!” burst out, the 16 paragraphs — that claim to be poetry without… Read More »

‘The rants of a petty tyrant’

In the past two weeks, President Duterte and his allies have been kept busy attacking the President’s critics, in particular Vice President Leni Robredo, the European Union and the media. If there’s anything certain in the Homeland these days, it’s that if you criticize the President, you should expect a torrent of curses and counter-attack from the tough-talking… Read More »

Rape on sovereignty: Relax and enjoy it?

Who was it who said about rape that “if it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it?” This seems to sum up the policy of the Duterte administration with regards to China’s bullying in the South China Sea. We can’t afford to fight China, so let them do what they want to do in the South China Sea and let’s… Read More »