Wala Lang!

        No apologies. The “Nothing!” below that you are about to see – and perhaps, read – is a product of just one of those bad hair days that creeps me when I dare to write.         Before “Wala lang!” burst out, the 16 paragraphs — that claim to be poetry without… Read More »

‘The rants of a petty tyrant’

In the past two weeks, President Duterte and his allies have been kept busy attacking the President’s critics, in particular Vice President Leni Robredo, the European Union and the media. If there’s anything certain in the Homeland these days, it’s that if you criticize the President, you should expect a torrent of curses and counter-attack from the tough-talking… Read More »

Rape on sovereignty: Relax and enjoy it?

Who was it who said about rape that “if it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it?” This seems to sum up the policy of the Duterte administration with regards to China’s bullying in the South China Sea. We can’t afford to fight China, so let them do what they want to do in the South China Sea and let’s… Read More »

Hugs, Holding Hands

Butch Galicia         It was a long trip. Anxiety gripped us along the way.         Earlier, we were told stuff about the place and its people. We tried hard to let the relatively new information sink in. Yet, we still harbored opinions of concern and feelings of unease.        … Read More »

An action guided by bigotry and injustice

Described by the great President Abraham Lincoln as “a nation conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” the United States of America is now being transformed by one man into a nation guided by bigotry and injustice. In just one week, the image crafted by the country’s fathers and strengthened by… Read More »

The Church speaks, finally

The Philippine Roman Catholic Church has spoken. It has taken a while but there it is, a pastoral letter read in churches last February 5, denouncing the summary killings that have taken the lives of nearly 8,000 Filipinos in the Philippine government’s so-called “war” on drugs. I have been calling out the Church and other key sectors to… Read More »

Beware: The Viruses In Our Community.

Liars and phonies have been around us forever. But sometimes there are those who are so blatant, brave and aggressive to impose their lies, thinking that we, the public, are so dumb and always will be to listen to them. I call them the viruses of our community. When given the opportunity to show off and waste people’s time, don’t they even think that… Read More »

Why Tobias Enverga Is NMS*

– Societies and governments have rules, guidelines, protocols and laws that govern the conduct of affairs and the public have every right to call attention, complain, or even demand measures to punish any public official who sidesteps them for purely partisan and personal reasons. Tobias Enverga occupies a seat in the Senate not because Canadian voters elected him but… Read More »