CHICAGO (JGL) – When someone immigrates to the United States from a Third World country like the Philippines, his or her aspirations are usually set on default – to find a greener pasture in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. But in the case of my niece, Anna Melisa “Honey” L. Lasala, who came to… Read More »

SAN DIEGO VISIT Confronting and Slaying the Dragon

~ The issues that had bedeviled the pursuit of investigative journalism would hopefully find their denouement in the place where they had begun, in San Diego almost a decade ago. Visiting this sunny city, having a grand time with kindred folks, should already speak for itself. The very source of the offending story that has… Read More »

THE PHILIPPINES IN 2030 (First of a Series)

A lot of  older people (and I am too)  always claim they are only too glad to be wrong and not right because of the dire consequences  or tragic results if they are proved right in their assertions.  But in this article and the many to follow it through—I  will be too damned  glad to… Read More »


HAPPY NEW YEAR! The holidays are over. The rushing and dashing to shop for presents for our loved ones, friends and others we had to remember during this period is over. Shopping for presents is not an easy task. We have to decide what would please the person we intend the gift for. We also… Read More »

YEARENDER Jerking Off Stories That Have No News Value

The real news is bad news. – Marshall McLuhan  TORONTO – Newspapers keep a tab of the important story highlights of the year just passed and compare those with predictions, usually based on historical precedents, for the incoming year. In journalism it’s called “yearender” which is no more than a compilation of stories that had… Read More »


1. I have a concern regarding my husband’s illegitimate children.  I am aware that under the law, they are entitled to inherit from my husband’s properties.  However, I would like to ask if they would be able to get a part of the properties I have inherited from my parents if in case I die… Read More »


Trivia: The much ballyhooed wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera brings to my mind the sad truth of the past. That many of the high profile marriages of showbiz couples ended up in separation. To begin with, in the ‘50s, Movie Queen Gloria Romero tied the knots with actor Juancho Gutierrez. In fact, their… Read More »

Baiting the poor

The latest survey by the Social Weather Station showed that about 52 percent or 11.4 million Filipino families rate themselves as poor, the worst in eight years in terms of self-rated poverty. It matched the self-rated poverty percentage during the Arroyo administration in 2006. “We note the results of the survey. And we continue with… Read More »