Hi Atty. Wong , my name is Tessie and I’m from Seattle, Washington.  Our mother migrated and lived here in Seattle for about 8 years and also died here in Seattle.     We are at the present time trying to transfer the title of the land that our deceased mother bought in the Philippines. We are… Read More »

BOODLE FIGHT The Fight That Is a Banquet of Friendship

~ Beyond the jovial sharing of food and laughter in the street fest now known as Toronto’s longest boodle fight was the impromptu reunion of friends and kin. Unprecedented in Filipino communities across Canada for its sheer size, It was a pleasant sight to behold as participants dropped their guards, oblivious to what mainstream convention… Read More »

Why Binay does well in the surveys

MANILA Opinion surveys here show that Vice President Jojo Binay is polling around 40 percent of people asked about their preference for president in 2016. That could be enough to get him to the presidential palace.    In a muticandidate presidential election, 40 percent could be Binay’s winning ticket. President Benigno Aquino III won 42 percent… Read More »


CHICAGO (JGL) – If the Philippine corridors of power are populated by relatives by blood or affinity, it is not surprising. The pre-colonial Philippines was ruled by royalties and nobilities, like lakans, datus and mighty warriors, when laws of the jungle were supreme. The matter of succession was interrupted only by the arrivals of Spaniards… Read More »


Co-workers at the set of the TV series Ikaw Lamang, have observed something of a romantic air seems tapping Coco Martin and KC Concepcion. Much more so when Coco declared in an interview that he’s attracted to KC, wants to know her better as a private person. Albeit he didn’t confide he would be wowing… Read More »

Aquino taking ‘bosses’ for a ride on FOI Bill

Shortly before being proclaimed the official winner of the 2010 presidential elections, then Senator Benigno S. Aquino III reaffirmed his campaign promise – that his administration would make the passage of the Freedom of Information bill its priority.   Aquino has obviously been taking the people, whom he proclaims to be his “bosses” for a… Read More »

Holidays with Real-live Sharks

normally, the sight of one shark, much less hundreds of them would spark panic and scare among the people in the beach.          The leopard sharks in La Jolla California, sparks a. different reaction instead of running away for their lives, visitors here head out toward the deeper water to get a closer look. For… Read More »


 “WE ARE ATTENDING TO THE TECHNICAL PROBLEM”  comes right from the horse’s  mouth or from the mouth  of the corrupt while lots of passengers had already been taken to three hospitals.  NO, No,   the technical  problem is not caused by maintenance   but we are investigating.  This is totally expected  accident long waiting to happen and a… Read More »