When this short comment is uttered towards a person, it can have several meanings. It could mean you do not belong; you are outside of the group. If the person is an interviewer for a job, it is a sign that he/she would not hire you. You do not fit the job. Your accent will… Read More »

I’d rather wait for May 2016

THERE are many reasons for people to demand that President Aquino step down, the latest and most plausible being the mishandling of the operation to hunt down two terrorists in Mamasapano in Maguindanao that resulted in the massacre of 44 Special Action Forces policemen.   From the moment Aquino revealed his arrogant and vindictive behavior… Read More »

Sea row: China by default?

WITH the United States focused on eliminating the growing threat of Islamic extremism in the Middle East and Russian adventurism in Ukraine, and the Philippine government caught up in the maelstrom of the bloody Mamasapano carnage and corruption scandals, China quietly doubled its efforts to build new islands in the volatile South China Sea to… Read More »


                                       “The first advice I’m going to give my successor is to watch the generals and to avoid feeling that because they were military men their opinions on military matters were worth a damn.” –President John F. Kennedy Embarrassed at the failure of Bay of Pigs Invasion   CHICAGO (JGL) – Plausible deniability or… Read More »


After weeks of misunderstanding between Judy Ann Santos and Kris Aquino, the two are in good terms anew. It was an aftermath of a comment in Juday’s instagram not favorable to Kris’ brother President Noynoy Aquino which displeased Kris. This led Kris to unfollow Juday’s instagram. Recently, however, Juday disclosed in glee that Kris rekindled… Read More »

The illogic of ousting PNoy

MANILA President Benigno Aquino III must be quaking in his loafers now that a prelate somewhere has demanded his resignation. The deadly encounter between police commandos and Muslim fighters in Mamasapano, Mindanao, last Jan. 25 has spawned a lot of noise calling for Aquino to resign or be impeached. The Roman Catholic archbishop of Batangas… Read More »