EGOTISM Tobias Enverga Pads His Numbers to Appear Relevant?

~  There’s a community figure supposedly standing for us and to thousands of others because we happen to be Filipinos by birth and Canadian by choice. Tobias Enverga Jr. makes the claim, ludicrous as it sounds, that he represents “approximately 700,000 people of Filipino origin”, ostensibly as a member of the unelected Senate. His latest posturings… Read More »


CHICAGO (JGL) – The United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) was described as “a monumental achievement of the international community, second only to the Charter of the UN” after its birth 34 years ago. When UNCLOS was ready for signature on Dec. 10, 1982, 119 countries signed the treaty on the very… Read More »

A different, better Duterte

The Filipino people met a different Rodrigo Duterte on his first day in Malacanang. No curses, no threats, none of those checkered Duterte shirts. Instead, he was described as “presidential, purposeful and persuasive” during his 15-minute inaugural speech following his swearing in as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines in Malacanang. And… Read More »

Of Figures and Numbers

By: Butch Galicia I asked a friend who works as a medical lab technician to check on my abs. I always thought that being athletic when I was younger would have made me a man of muscle. After a quick look, he inquired: Did you just ask me to check on your flabs? He turned… Read More »


In the last 14 months or so Balita has been seeking answers to many questions about how some individuals and organizations seduce the Filipino community with sweet-talk and appeal to our sense of compassion. On the issues of accountability and transparency that Balita has been raising, in particular directed to specific people and organizations, as… Read More »

Our journey continues

There is never a day in my life when I do not pray to thank the Lord for all his blessings on me and my family here and in the Philippines. As Editor and Publisher of Balita, I was lucky to be associated with people that are knowledgeable, experienced and very generous in sharing their… Read More »


    Hi Atty, may napanalunan po kami na property sa Antipolo nung last Apri7 2015 nung pina auction nila ang mga prop na hindi nabayaran ang tax at nag issue sila ng Certificate of sale sa amin. Ngayon pa ano ang dapat naming gawin para ma salin na  sa amin ang titulo sa pangalan… Read More »


  Former national swimmer and ASEAN Games medalist, Enchong Dee an ABS-CBN actor breaks his silence on being inactive for almost two years. In an interview, Enchong divulged to my colleague that he purposely opted to shy away from the limelight for personal reasons. “Yes, not a few young stars have eclipsed my fame under… Read More »