Would you believe Liza Soberano missed a chance of a big Hollywood break? On the day she was scheduled for the audition, she did not show up for personal reasons that triggered the bemuse reaction of her followers who have craved for that rare opportunity. A colleague reported to this writer that Liza kept mum on the issue… Read More »

UNRAVELLING THE CLANDESTINE BABOY Official in Tobias Enverga’s PCCF Repudiates Boycott Move

~  The crack within the normally tight-lipped organization established by Tobias Enverga is finally showing. One official of his Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation has repudiated the inclusion of her name in an underground movement to sabotage Balita, the city’s largest Filipino newspaper, further reinforcing the widespread suspicion that Balita Boycott (or BaBoy) is contrived. The revelation came as a surprise… Read More »

CANDIDATE ANGELY PACIS’ Self-Serving Politics of Exclusion and Intolerance

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ― Joseph Fort Newton TORONTO – Angely Pacis is one candidate you would have second, even third, thoughts voting for. That is my honest assessment after watching her interact with people, myself included, in the last several weeks. Her credentials are impressive, mesmerizing even. She’s a lawyer, and according to her website,… Read More »

Pine Dining

Midsummer is here. When the mercury spikes up to levels that remind one that there is a sun, a midsummer night’s dream is likely of being where it is cooler.        Never worry. In a few more weeks, some dreams will come true. *****        This reminds me of a friend’s granddaughter. She did not mind the summer heat and… Read More »

The puzzle that is Duterte

MANILA The notion of a Philippine independent foreign policy sounds like a good idea. But the problem with President Rodrigo Duterte’s idea is that the policy jumps from one giant ally-protector (the United States) to one or two new benefactors (China and Russia). Is that an independent foreign policy? Mr. Duterte seems to have an industrial-strength allergy toward… Read More »

What happened to ‘never again’?

What ever happened to “Never again to martial law”? A phrase opt-repeated in many rallies long after the Filipino people ousted the dictatorship of the late Ferdinand Marcos in what is now known as “People Power,” it seems “never again” has lost its luster in the face of the emergence of another strongman that doesn’t hesitate to say… Read More »


  Q. Good day po, Atty. Wong! Nabasa ko po yung column nyo sa BALITA ( Fil Canadian community newspaper) over the Internet. Narito po ako ngayon sa Philippines. Gusto ko po sanang humingi ng legal advice. Sana po matulungan nyo ako. We have an issue about my child. On the child's birth certificate, the child uses the… Read More »


  This early, Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 turns controversial anew as in previous years, most specifically last year. This has been triggered by the resignation of three members of the Executive Committee of the MMFF Ricky Lee, Roland Tolentino and Kara Alikpala, Obviously, they protested the official selection of the first four entries to make it. Of… Read More »

Clothing tyranny with constitutionality

With the Supreme Court basically showing reluctance to review President Duterte’s martial law declaration and ceding its power to the President to determine the territorial scope of martial law, it now seems that the country’s slide to tyranny is coming to near certainty. Congress has earlier given up its power to review the bases for the martial law… Read More »


MANILA Now the Australians are mad at us. I know, I know, our president doesn’t give a koala’s hoot. But let us plain citizens try to reassure the Aussies we’re not all bad losers. It turns out some Filipinos have gone out in force to bash new WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn and his wife in social media… Read More »