A new Hitler?

They’ve been killing people here for the past three months. The sober-minded plead for a return to sanity while the shrill continue their defense of President Duterte. After an earlier collective silence from the public over all the summary killings, now comes a growing sentiment that the country may be going in the wrong direction.… Read More »

Aquino, Abad must answer for DAP acts

Stripped of immunity and entitlements, former President Benigno S. Aquino III and former Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Jr. have finally been criminally charged for their roles in the notorious Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which the Supreme Court had declared as unconstitutional and illegal in 2014. Ten militant groups charged Aquino and Abad with technical malversation… Read More »

Playing both sides won’t do it

In the first few days of his presidency, President Duterte gained favorable response from the business community after his announcements that he would give emphasis to infrastructure development and making transactions easy for businessmen. With just a few hundreds killed in Duterte’s drug war, they were willing to look the other way. But as the… Read More »


CHICAGO (JGL) – The Philippines along with Cuba and a group of Pacific Islands, including Puerto Rico and Guam, was bought by the United States at a discount for $20-M ($549-M in today’s currency) so that a bloody Spanish-American War would be averted in pursuit of America’s “Manifest Destiny” to spread freedom and democracy around… Read More »

Go Abroad, If You Please

By Butch G. Galicia October 10 was Thanksgiving Day. Did you know that it was also World Mental Health Day? Thanks, but I’ll think about it. On second thought, never mind! By the way, will a regular slice of roasted turkey help clean and sanitize the brain? Zombies, please reply. ***** Mahirap talagang mag-isip! Kaya… Read More »


Q. Kindly enlightened me po. This is regarding my 2nd daughter’s birth certificate. It was in 2005 na I had my first child, I was only 19 then. In order for me na hindi ma-kick out from college, both my husband (my boyfriend that time) and my parents decided us to get married. So there… Read More »


Ex couple Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon feel so proud that finally their adopted daughter Lotlot de Leon achieved a higher level in acting. At the recent All Lights India International Film Festival held in Hyderabad, India, Lotlot garnered the Special Acting Citation, first time handed in the said film fest for the movie… Read More »

Things that we are thankful for.

Another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and again as we look back at the adversities we faced, we cannot but be thankful that, personally and for Balita, we have pulled through another year barely scratched, with body and soul still fully intact, and consequently , with the clarity of mind, still defending me and… Read More »


~ The experience one encounters every day gives valuable lessons in human relations. In the past weeks, I was exposed to events I never thought would happen the way they did. At a mall, in a bus, in a train, in a community gathering – we encounter strange people and even stranger circumstances.  . . .… Read More »

CREDIT-GRABBING? Making an Imprint by Photo Ops

~ The non-acknowledgement of the presence of a member of the Senate by a Toronto city councillor got official last weekend in a community update released by the latter’s office. That’s the latest repudiation of Tobias Enverga Jr., the so-called “karaoke senator” who has claimed representing 700,000 Filipino Canadians. At the inauguration of a community… Read More »