Are Trump, Duterte asea in their jobs?

Donald Trump is finding the US presidency a complicated job. Our own President Duterte says he doesn’t need or relish the office. The first is naive to think the presidency would be a picnic. The second’s reaction is mystifying; why run for the office if you don’t need it in your life? The presidency is the toughest job… Read More »


Q. Good Day Atty.! I would like to seek your legal advice regarding a friend of mine who was born out of wedlock. She was born on November 1, 1986. Her parents were married on June 11, 1998.  Unfortunately, in her birth certificate, she carried her father’s name already. Worse is that in her birth certificate, in the… Read More »


Trivia: Did you that at 83, ex-movie queen Gloria Romero has spent 68 years in Philippine showbiz? Not only that, she’s a record holder for at her age, she’s the only one who still enacts title role in the boob tube fantasy series Daig Ka ng Lola Ko and a major assignment in comedy romance tele serye Meant… Read More »


One early May morning while waiting for a public bus at Derry Road  chilled by a gentle breeze  of  8 degrees Celsius, the thought hit me like a Sigma Rho paddle. Why my second country  is “cool”  so cool  than  Philippines My Philippines, the country of my birth.  Men, macho men may not compare past with  present girl… Read More »

DESPITE ALL THE HURDLES Balita Stands Firm in Its Quest for the Truth

~  Toronto’s largest Filipino newspaper will be 40 years old next year, that period where life begins, it is commonly said. Those four decades are not without challenges. Disputes arise here and there but they only serve to strengthen the paper in its campaign to expose the ills afflicting the Filipino community. Every challenge it is made to face fortifies its… Read More »

Wala Lang!

        No apologies. The “Nothing!” below that you are about to see – and perhaps, read – is a product of just one of those bad hair days that creeps me when I dare to write.         Before “Wala lang!” burst out, the 16 paragraphs — that claim to be poetry without… Read More »

Akala Ko, Tapos Na

Dalawang magulang ang dumalo sa isang university commencement exercise. Kumpare 1: Sa wakas, nagmartsa din ang aking panganay. Magna! Kumpare 2: Inggit ako sa iyo, Pare. Kumpare 1: Magna-nine years na sana sa college kundi pumasang-awa! Teka, bakit tila malungkot ka? Kumpare 2: Summa kasi ang anak ko. Kumpare 1: Wow, ang galing. Ano ‘yan, luha ng tuwa?… Read More »

Stop flying the unfriendly skies

More than a half century after United Airlines launched its famous slogan “Fly the Friendly Skies,” the giant airliner has become a paradox on how to treat its passengers properly and in a friendly manner. After the brutal and bloody removal of Vietnamese doctor David Dao, a paying passenger who had confirmed booking and seat, last Monday to… Read More »