Beyond bloodied streets, what?

One thing that has stood out since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency in July last year is the fact that this former mayor of Davao City cannot handle criticism. And unable to handle criticism, he easily explodes and threatens just about anybody who dares oppose him.   Just last week, Duterte exploded and berated the president of… Read More »


  Magandang araw po Attorney! May Nais po sana akong isanguni sa inyo tungkol sa titulo ng aming bahay na namana po namin sa aming namayapang ama.   Noong pumanaw po ang aking Lolo at Lola…napagkasunduan po ng mga kapatid ng tatay ko na ilipat sa pangalan niya ang titulo bilang siya ang nakababata nilang kapatid.    Noong… Read More »


  Trivia: The dawning of All Souls Day this November brings to one’s mind the tragic deaths of several celebrities that shocked the movie world. To begin with, in the late ‘40s, singer-actress Lilian Velez who rose to fame with her original classic song Sa Kabukiran became famous with her movie team up with Narding Anzures, the son… Read More »

The Battle for Marawi has just begun

After five months of seemingly endless battles and bombings, the Philippine military finally was able to declare an end to the hostilities in Marawi, the bloodiest and costliest military operation against terrorists or secessionists ever, even dwarfing the Battle of Jolo in 1974.   The Battle of Jolo, which started when militant forces from the Moro National Liberation… Read More »

Businessman Sings Praises to Press Club

“To recognize bullshit, nose is better than ear.” ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity   TORONTO – Retired teacher Tony San Juan sends a copy of a keynote address by Alfredo “Pidoy” Pacis in his capacity as Gawad Kalinga Canada chairman and requests that it be posted or published in Balita, the largest Filipino newspaper in Greater Toronto Area, where I also write.    In my seven… Read More »

Only Great Memories

         On October 24, I received news that one of my most respected colleagues in the newswire profession has passed — silently and unknown to many of those he worked with back in the day — at his hometown in Digos, Davao del Sur on December 9, 2016.        In another month, his wife Anita and his family will… Read More »


  Good evening Attorney. Can we still get our SSS pension when we reach the retirement age even if we are already  Canadian citizens, or we need to apply for Dual Citizenship?   Thank you very much and God bless! Sincerely, Melvin   ANS: Hello Melvin, if you have reached the retirement age whether at 60 years optional,… Read More »

My Seafood City Experience

“A moment’s beginning ends in a moment” ― Munia Khan TORONTO – The coming of Seafood City to Canada, specifically in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area, has somehow revived memories of my former hometown of San Diego, California from where the supermarket giant began in 1989. It has three stores that carry the name Seafood City in San Diego… Read More »

Grief won’t stop the hands of evil

Hours after a lone gunman killed at least 59 people and injured 527 others in Las Vegas Sunday night, President Donald Trump called the attack “an act of pure evil,” adding that in moments of tragedy and horror, America comes together as one.   He expressed grief and shock over the deadliest mass shooting in US history, praised… Read More »

Wrong from the start

MANILA Now the police here want to rehabilitate drug users in their “war” on drugs. That’s what they should have done in the first place. Here’s what the police did to start their war: They started rounding up drug users and pushers, killing thousands of them in the process. The international community was outraged, unbelieving that in this… Read More »