Five ways to strengthen your relationships

“He barks at me Doc. He barks at me,” laments a lady who I’ve known for a while. “What do you mean? You mean he barks like a dog.” “Worse! Whatever I do, he gets mad, yells at me for no reason. I wanna divorce him Doc.” I never knew until that day. Several years of marriage can… Read More »

Remembering Christmas

After almost 15 years being away from the Homeland, I got another glimpse of Christmas in the Philippines last month. Just like two years ago, it was still almost a full month before Christmas Day when I left Manila, but the festive feeling was already in the air, although, I was told, with less intensity than the previous… Read More »

Eminent drop-outs

The road to education and success is not always paved with a college or university diploma. Ask Bill Gates of Microsoft, who dropped out of Harvard to establish the world’s biggest computer company that is now the universe’s most famous brand like Coca Cola. Our own national hero Andres Bonifacio , reached only third year high school in… Read More »

Ending the Year with Gratitude

With 2007 almost over and 2008 fast approaching, it’s about time to reflect on what we’ve done and what has happened. It’s time to review whether we’ve met our goals or whether we’ve significantly missed our targets so we can reprogram our plans for next year. It’s also time to realize that we’re getting older soon. I’m sure,… Read More »