The Final Push

The US-based think tank Global Source warns that the Philippines faces a rough road ahead toward the 2010 presidential elections, not only because of the looming global economic crisis, but also because of fresh initiatives to amend the constitution. In a paper titled “Minefields on the Road to 2010,” Filipino economists Romeo Bernardo and Marie Christine-Tang said: “The… Read More »

How About Neighbors’ Day?

LAST MAY and every May we celebrate Mothers’ Day. In June, we also celebrate Fathers’ Day. I know there are also Grandparents’ Day and Teachers’ Day. It’s really good that we have specific days to recognize and honor the great things our loved ones do at least once a year. Up to this writing, we were wondering, why… Read More »

Pinoy Singers: You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

A famous Hollywood quote “ You’ve come a long way baby “ best describes the storybook and Cinderella rise to fame and popularity of Filipino singers. There is Arnel Pineda, the newly discovered lead singer of the 80”s great American rock band, the Journey which is now undergoing its most strongest revival (if not resurrection) Since the departure… Read More »

The Maligned Mayor

In Memory of Frank O. de Leon Rubbing his weary eyes with his shaking wrinkled hands, he knew that it was already daylight. He then sat up, straightened his tired back. Stretched his semi-numbed arms, and broadly look around the seemingly deserted “municipio”(municipal building. In that early chilly morning, he was certain that there must be someone around… Read More »

Ties that bind

CHICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – When I was of pre-school age, I used to see the capital letters engraved on the buckle of the belt of my Dad – CLAC. I thought it was the English spelling of “clock,” a time piece. But when I stepped into my grammar school, I, little by little, realized that my Dad was… Read More »

The birth of the Asian-Pacific Consultative Committee

“We’ve come to offer a proactive approach to break barriers and stereotypes, increase communication and understanding between the groups and the police, thereby helping to create a safe and improved quality of living in this city and communities.” Rowena Santos, Co-Chair, Planning Committee This statement in the introductory speech of one of the Filipino leaders and co-chair of… Read More »

Working class hero

This column mourns the passing of an extraordinary public servant and champion of the working class, party list representative Crispin “Ka Bel “ Beltran, who succumbed to injuries suffered during an accident at his home, May 20 in Bulacan. Beltran was rushed to the hospital after falling off the roof of his house that he was fixing. Ka… Read More »

War is no way to peace

Hope for a lasting peace in Mindanao seemed out of reach again last week following the withdrawal of the Malaysian contingent in the International Monitoring Team, nearly five months after talks between the national government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) stalled over the critical issue of ancestral domain — the territory that includes provinces, towns and… Read More »