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O Canada

  Just when you thought our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could not possibly be more nauseating and frivolous, he showed up at a town hall meeting in Nanaimo, British Columbia and decided to correct one young woman on the wording of her question, which apparently constituted for Trudeau a violation of the “inclusivity” that he values so highly.… Read More »

Worldwide Women’s March

Last weekend was the second annual “Women’s March,” featuring a lot of profane anti-Trump signs and rants about the rights women have lost, but precious few details about what those might be. Even some older feminists are starting to question the point of recent feminist actions that are actually setting women back in the workplace and that seem… Read More »


  From South of the Border-Mainstream Media (MSM) spreads fake news again If the mainstream media could devote just one-tenth the energy to fact-checking that they do to wailing indignantly about President Trump’s accusing them of spreading “fake news,” maybe they wouldn’t be spreading so much fake news.  This past week brought such a silo of fake news,… Read More »


Justin Trudeau’s government is sparking outrage among people of faith and conscience yet again this week (Dec 15, 2017) after telling Members of Parliament that they will force employers to support abortion and transgenderism in order to get student summer job funding. This news is only Trudeau’s latest attack on people of faith. The prime minister who so… Read More »


BlowHotBlowCold is a Canadian – American  opinion-based column that premiered more than a decades ago in the Filipino-Canadian newspaper BALITA where I discussed the latest issues and controversies affecting Filipino-Canadians and Filipino-Americans. It was discontinued when I left Bell Canada in 2006 and accepted a consulting job at AT&T in NJ. I am now retired and Tess Cusipag… Read More »