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Views from the Fence

Government of the People, for the People and By the People The government of the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America, has closed down! Thousands of Federal employees have been furloughed. Special benefits have stopped, national parks have been closed, and the military for a while did not get their… Read More »

Pride and the Syrian Crisis

For several weeks now, the world has been on the brink of a disaster. The immediate trigger was the attack in Syria using chemical weapons that killed about one thousand adults and more or less 400 children. The published videos of the incident were horrific; children and adults gasping for breath, rows and rows of… Read More »

The Love that stopped the Gun

Every time we turn on the television or glance at the newspapers, there has seemed to be a report of an act of violence; gunshots killing teenagers, a son stabbing his own mother to death, drive -by shootings, and mass killings in malls, theaters, schools and other places where people normally gather. The headline or… Read More »

Number 13

I am not a superstition person. I do not believe in all those tales about black cats. How can you avoid a black cat traversing your path if you own the animal? I avoid going under ladders not because of bad luck but it is common sense to avoid an accident. Ladders are not very… Read More »

Stories from Home

People from all over the world come to Canada in thousands every year to settle and start a new life. The Philippines has always been one of the top ten source countries of immigrants to Canada. There were several years when Filipinos made up the first five largest groups of immigrants. Aside from those who… Read More »

A Reminder of Mortality

It was a beautiful third Monday of April, a spring day. The sun was shining and the city was in festive mood. It was a holiday-Heroes Day, and Marathon Day, the 117th. The streets were busy; people were coming and going. There were about 27,000 participants in that marathon from all over the world. At… Read More »

Casino in Toronto!! ???

The debates at the Toronto City Council have been going on for a while now. The discussions have been heated lately. The mayor has definitely expressed his wholehearted approval of the plan to build a casino in Toronto. Those who advocate for said plan say that a casino will bring about $200M a year to… Read More »

Men do not cry

Babies always cry, boys or girls. Crying is their means of expressing their needs be it being hungry, hurt or sick or just wanting attention, needing to be picked up. A mother knows by the kind of cry what those needs are. A loud demand for food is different from a whimpering hurt or a… Read More »

First and Third Generation Bonding

“Higit na matimbang ang tubo kaysa sa puhunan.” We often hear this saying from grandparents. Many parents of children complain that their offsprings are being spoiled by their “lolo and lola”. The relationship of grandparents and grandchildren is very different to that of parents and children. Young couples get their children at a time when… Read More »

Trials and Tribulations of 4229

It happened one Sunday. A fire broke out in a cruise ship at sea. The ship lost power. The boat was plunged into extreme darkness. And worse, the boat stood still, right in the middle of the sea. Indescribable fear seized the passengers. Four thousand, two hundred twenty nine! Yes, that was the number of… Read More »