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Federalism: Caution wouldn’t hurt

  It is almost certain President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will push hard to amend the Constitution to replace the country’s current unitary form of government to one that is federal. After all, he launched his drive to the presidency on the pretext of an information drive on the federal system of government in nationwide sorties long… Read More »

Now, let the healing begin

  The people have spoken.   Based on initial results from the Commission on Elections, the tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is on his way to landslide victory in the May 9 presidential elections and will thus become the country’s president starting noon of June 30.   As of this writing, Duterte was leading… Read More »

Embracing Duterte, warts and all

The rise in the presidential surveys of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is short of phenomenal and comes just two weeks before the May 9 elections. While the ratings of all his rivals are either sliding down or unmoving, the Davao demagogue has continued to surge and leave his rivals eating dust.   In the… Read More »

Disempowering political dynasties

Three news articles that appeared in the past week highlighted the sorry state of our political system – the prevalence of political dynasties all over the country. One news item reported that 542 candidates in the local elections are assured of victory because they are running unopposed. Most, if not all, of these unchallenged candidates… Read More »

SC must not bow to Comelec threats

Something is very wrong with the Philippines’ Commission on Elections. After failing to submit its comment to a petition by former Senator Richard J. Gordon to compel the Comelec to issue receipts to voters after casting their votes in the May 9 polls, it now blames the tribunal for not giving them a chance to… Read More »

Why Duterte and Marcos are contenders

It is a source of wonder why 30 years after Filipinos staged a peaceful revolt to oust a dictator, many of them now seem eager or willing to embrace a presidential candidate who threatens to impose a strongman rule and a vice presidential aspirant who is the namesake son of the supposedly hated leader they… Read More »

Is Poe Aquino’s ‘Manchurian candidate’?

  Since the start of the year, Sen. Grace Poe has been getting unexpected support in the disqualification cases against her that are now pending before the Supreme Court. In the first week of January, the independent presidential candidate got a totally unexpected support from the government’s top lawyer, Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, who caught… Read More »

Compassion not Aquino’s strength

President Aquino was just being consistent when he vetoed House Bill No. 5842 that would provide a P2,000 across-the-board increase in the monthly pension of Social Security System (SSS) pensioners. After all, it was not the first time this scion of hacenderos has rejected relief for the millions of poor families in the country. In… Read More »

Ignoring the ‘bosses’

  From Day One, President Aquino has always referred to the people as his “bosses.” During his inaugural address, he told the people: “Kayo ang boss ko.” And yet, how many times has he ignored the people in his decision-making?    Just recently, despite the growing clamor for the ouster of Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio… Read More »

How will they solve a problem like Mar?

If the May 2016 presidential elections were a referendum on the administration of President Aquino as the latter wanted it to be, Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas may be facing another disappointing defeat. From all indications, the President’s endorsement of his candidacy has only added to the burden of his own lack of acceptance… Read More »