The impact of Bolante’s lies

When former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante finally appeared before the Senate on Friday, senators thought his two-year detention at an immigration holding cell in the United States had softened him and he would spill the beans on the P728-million fertilizer scam. They had another think coming. His health restored after relaxing for more than a week in… Read More »

Dignity in Sharing

I was in the car of a close friend driving along the narrow streets in the west end of Toronto when she slowed down the vehicle as her eye caught the pushcart by the gate of one of the old houses. A man, probably in his late forties was by the stairs of the house picking up some… Read More »

The Driver of Bus 29

The most outstanding and popular driver of the barrio was Mang Badong. He was considered outstanding for he worked for a prestigious bus company that plied between the towns where the barrio was located and the city. During those years, to be a driver for a big bus company was the ambition of many young men in the… Read More »

Marriage License Requirements

Q. Hi ! Atty.Wong, I am presently engaged and planning to marry my girlfriend in the Philippines this coming May 2009. I am now a Canadian citizen. My girlfriend told me that there are legal formalities that I have to comply before being able to marry in the Philippines. I am now 28 years of age. Never been… Read More »

The Thoughts on Christmas in the Barrio

Every year Christmas comes to Christendom in unerring certainty. Symbolized by Christ child, Christmas is for children. However, this red letters day is likewise shared by the elders, for amongst them, there would always be the feeling and thoughts of childhood and the children in them. Christmas, to many of us, is the storehouse of our memories in… Read More »

How To Divide Inherited Estate

Q. Few years after my mother died, my father passed away in the Philippines. He left four (4) parcels of land in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. There are five of us siblings who will inherit from the property. I am the eldest. My other four siblings as well as my step-mother asserts that we should divide the estate… Read More »

The Cinderella President

In the popular movie “Pretty Woman”, there was this final scene of millionaire Edward played by Richard Gere climbing the fire escape of the apartment to claim his lady love, Vivian, (Julia Roberts) the former prostitute . At the same time a man crossing the street exclaim” This is Hollywood, the land of dreams. …. Some dreams come… Read More »

A Victory for Inequality

While America was upholding the result of decades of battle for civil rights by electing an African American to the presidency, tens of thousands of Californians were institutionalizing inequality, injustice and bigotry by passing Proposition 8, which sought to ban gay marriages in California. They wanted to include in the state constitution a provision that would deprive a… Read More »