Now, the hard work begins

Like many Americans, I wished I were in Washington last Tuesday to personally witness the unfolding of history and hope during the inauguration of the first African-American to become president of a nation that struggled through a great civil war and centuries of civil rights battles to arrive at this stage of its history. It was fitting that… Read More »

Languages and Dialects in the Philippines

One advantage Filipino immigrants to North America have is that almost all of them can speak in English. Actually Filipino immigrants in the 60’s and 70’s were educated from elementary to university in English. In 1946 when the Philippines got full independence from the United States, the medium of instruction in the elementary schools gradually was changed to… Read More »

A Love Affair

The world is enamoured with new US President Barack Hussein Obama, a phenomenon never before witnessed since Camelot’s John F.Kennedy became the youngest US chief executive to occupy the White House. Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, who sang “My Country tis of thee “ at Obama’s historic inaugural, remarked before Larry King’s CNN interview that “my country has… Read More »

Keeping The Ball Rolling

I know an advertising agency owner who never fully takes a vacation. He takes his family to fairly exotic locations, but never so alien that they are outside the reach of modern communication. In other words, he is never further than a cell phone call or email away. He checks in with the office several times a day… Read More »

Tough and Tall

To be over six feet tall during those years in the barrio was indeed rare. Probably due to an over active pituitary gland, Bonifacio Alcon, the eldest in a family of six, grew to be above six foot while his parents, brothers and sisters were of normal stature. Many in the barrio believed that when his mother was… Read More »

The Scholar’s Struggle

This unpretentious barrio like the others had its share of a man of wit and wisdom. He was the only known scholar and probably a man of all seasons. Like other men of letters and academic excellence, his life had colour, pathos, and tragedy. He was Ka Tano. During Ka Tano’s time many in the barrio and other… Read More »

January Days we went to press, a wicked bone-chilling deep freeze is enveloping the Greater Toronto area. An extreme cold alert, usually the norm when temperature dip at this time of the season is in effect. The rites of winter, which include the blahs or depression is a dreadful one especially from someone like us of tropical origins. But… Read More »

Six Ways to Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Although I intend this article for children, I have to admit that many adults may still learn from my message. Teaching responsibility is not just for kids. It’s pressing to pass on this important trait while young—when the mind can still be molded and when the heart is still thirsty for change. What are the six ways to… Read More »