Where is Home?

I was listening last Saturday to the homily at the 5:00 pm mass. The priest was reminding the congregation that it was the end of the Christmas season and the celebration of the baptism of Jesus Christ. which should make us recall our own baptism. I have a great respect and admiration for this particular homilist who can… Read More »

RP politics: What’s ahead

I hate to discuss politics at a time when people all over the world, including Filipinos in America and in the homeland, are facing a gloomy year. But knowing how deep the country is immersed in politics, dirty or otherwise, we cannot help but believe that the direction of the Philippine economy will ultimately depend on how politics… Read More »

Tough and Tall

To be over six feet tall during those years in the barrio was indeed rare. Probably due to an over active pituitary gland, Bonifacio Alcon, the eldest in a family of six, grew to be above six foot while his parents, brothers and sisters were of normal stature. Many in the barrio believed that when his mother was… Read More »

Ngayong Bagong Taon, Happy New Year to all!

Holy Kalungkaling! From Vatican City, Si Papa Benedict, kaniyang mensahe: “Greed will destroy the world” hindi imposible. Sa paligid – ligid nakikita ire! * * * Alahoy! Butchukoy! Ngayong bagong taon! Apul Dyus! As usual, mga resulusyon! Babaguhin na raw, yung ganire! Yung ganon! Parang sirang plaka! Ang singhal ni Tembong! * * * Doon po sa atin,… Read More »

Year of fears and hopes

After quietly celebrating Christmas Day, many people must now face reality and ask themselves: What’s ahead in 2009? How are we going to cope? The past year, with all its problems, is better left forgotten. The new year always brings new hope, but with last year’s problems threatening to worsen and bring about even bigger problems, many people… Read More »

Disposing the property

Q. Dear Atty. Wong, I always read your column in the Balita newspaper. I really find your column very informative. May I please seek your advice regarding my land in the Philippines? For quite sometime I have become Canadian citizen way back in 1978. I have a house in Bulacan, which is constructed adjacent to a parcel of… Read More »

Jose Rizal and the Immigrant experience

This article is in commemoration of the 112th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Philippine National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, observed December 30, 2008. While certain groups paused and recalled the event on this date many Filipinos especially those who were born outside the Philippines do not see the relevance of the contributions of this great man to… Read More »

Juana Tejada: Woman of the Year: 2008 Revisited

Anno 2008 will perhaps be remembered (or best forgotten) as the year that spawned the unprecedented global economic crisis never been seen since the Great US depression era of the 1920s. No wonder, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his traditional Christmas message warned that 2009 will be a “difficult year “. It means for all of us… Read More »

How to be Happier in 2009

2008 has been an incredible year! Beautiful babies have been born to joyful, expectant parents. New graduates have received job offers. Motivated employees have been promoted to positions they love. Creative individuals have invented new gadgets and technologies to make life easy for everyone. New and old cities have experienced business boom. After going through loads of challenges… Read More »