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Pine Dining

Midsummer is here. When the mercury spikes up to levels that remind one that there is a sun, a midsummer night’s dream is likely of being where it is cooler.        Never worry. In a few more weeks, some dreams will come true. *****        This reminds me of a friend’s granddaughter. She did not mind the summer heat and… Read More »

Thank you!

By Butch G. Galicia It’s Autumn. The mercury is dropping; the cold sneaking in. The days get shorter; the nights, longer. The leaf will soon change colours; reluctantly but obediently freeing itself from the branch, to glide with the wind until it finally rests in the embrace and solace of the soil. Year after year, the imagery repeats… Read More »

A Walk in the Park

By Butch Galicia An FB friend posted a photo capture of a recent weather report in graphics that showed a reading of +32 degrees Celsius (feels like 41 degrees Celsius). Her ka-post retorted: Wait till the mercury drops to -32 degrees Celsius (feels like -41 degrees Celsius) in a few months. She replied: So, who’s complaining? ***** It… Read More »

Of Figures and Numbers

By: Butch Galicia I asked a friend who works as a medical lab technician to check on my abs. I always thought that being athletic when I was younger would have made me a man of muscle. After a quick look, he inquired: Did you just ask me to check on your flabs? He turned away and murmured… Read More »

Radical Change

  By Butch Galicia Someone once urged: “Go ahead. Do something stupid. I’ll bet no one will take heed.” I tried and did a lot of stupid things, and they all backfired. Forrest may have been a success, but that is Hollywood. ***** Compensate a balding head by growing a moustache and a beard. Is that stupid? The… Read More »

Community Gems

  By Butch Galicia A great moment is a gem and so is a great memory; yet, both are as fleeting as time. Do remember that memories are of the past; and dreams, of a future. Relive memories and outlive dreams, if you must. But live the moment NOW. ***** On June 5 as the Markham Federation of… Read More »


  By: Butch Galicia Canada’s only pro hoops five, the Toronto Raptors (est. 1995) succumbed 2-4 in lopsided losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals on May 27. Without doubt, head coach Tyronn Lue, LeBron James and the Cavs have asserted supremacy in the NBA’s Eastern Division and have maintained the team’s image as one… Read More »

You Think So Too?

By Butch Galicia In the next 50 or so dawns-to-dusks and another three great 80-page thick issues of Balita, an expected 75 percent of some 55 million registered Filipino voters will go out and cast ballots in nearly 93,000 clustered polling precincts spread across the Philippine archipelago (7,641 islands on last count, depending on whether the tide is… Read More »

Ang Tsubibo, Bow

By Butch Galicia While whiling winter blues away with peers in a mall’s fastfood zone, someone asked: Sino ba talaga ang tama? Is it Manny or Boy and Vice? Somebody replied: Pare, ang dapat itanong: “Sino ba ang may tama?” After a hearty laugh, panandaliang dumaan ang anghel as the group hushed. ***** So much was said and… Read More »

Grim, Bloody Proof

By: Butch Galicia On Feb. 25, 1980 in Cotabato City, a beautiful sunset was at its edge. The sky started to dim. Stars peeked and teased for a fervent wish. People milled and strolled in and around the plaza to relax and enjoy the cool air. Tired bodies trekked to the plaza’s corners, where passenger jeepney and tricycle… Read More »