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My Seafood City Experience

“A moment’s beginning ends in a moment” ― Munia Khan TORONTO – The coming of Seafood City to Canada, specifically in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area, has somehow revived memories of my former hometown of San Diego, California from where the supermarket giant began in 1989. It has three stores that carry the name Seafood City in San Diego… Read More »

TASTE OF MANILA Festival Could Unify, Strengthen OFWs

~ A Philippine lawmaker who visited Toronto last month for the Taste of Manila (ToM) street festival has found inspiration and a platform to advocate for strengthening mechanisms to unify and protect overseas Filipino workers, particularly those in Canada. Taking note of the recognition of ToM by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Congressman Anthony M. Bravo urged in a privilege speech in Manila “to… Read More »

The Warmonger and the Peacemaker

~ A left-leaning tabloid publisher might have initially succeeded in sowing discord among three old friends and their families as he pursued his self-serving agenda to promote his propaganda sheet. The truth has finally come out months later as one of the supposed antagonists personally admitted the unintentional wrongdoing and apologized for whatever it caused the other party.… Read More »

LARGEST STREET FESTIVAL Taste of Manila as Unifying Force 

“A hand fought best when it made a fist.” ― Guy Gavriel Kay   TORONTO – The Taste of Manila (ToM) street festival has come and gone. Everyone – from the organizers to their guests, especially those coming from the Philippines, to the vendors and their thousands of patrons – looks happy, and why not? (Video at:   From its first year… Read More »

UNRAVELLING THE CLANDESTINE BABOY Official in Tobias Enverga’s PCCF Repudiates Boycott Move

~  The crack within the normally tight-lipped organization established by Tobias Enverga is finally showing. One official of his Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation has repudiated the inclusion of her name in an underground movement to sabotage Balita, the city’s largest Filipino newspaper, further reinforcing the widespread suspicion that Balita Boycott (or BaBoy) is contrived. The revelation came as a surprise… Read More »

ABOUT TESS CUSIPAG Three Renditions of One Story

~  Somehow  Tess Cusipag’s story got the spins each of the writer wants in keeping with his own biases and perceptions. Second-hand reporting for one. Injecting some fantasy in another. And dragging names of people not germane to the story in one other. Three renditions of one story. One version lacks the source. Two are inaccurate. However, there’s… Read More »

DESPITE ALL THE HURDLES Balita Stands Firm in Its Quest for the Truth

Toronto’s largest Filipino newspaper will be 40 years old next year, that period where life begins, it is commonly said. Those four decades are not without challenges. Disputes arise here and there but they only serve to strengthen the paper in its campaign to expose the ills afflicting the Filipino community. Every challenge it is made to face fortifies its… Read More »