Worldwide Women’s March

By | February 6, 2018

Last weekend was the second annual “Women’s March,” featuring a lot of profane anti-Trump signs and rants about the rights women have lost, but precious few details about what those might be. Even some older feminists are starting to question the point of recent feminist actions that are actually setting women back in the workplace and that seem based more on leftwing politics than helping women, who are benefiting from the booming Trump economy. It’s especially strange to see so much feminist anger aimed at Republican women when most of the biggest name sexual harassers of the MeToo movement – Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, etc. – have been outspoken liberals and self-proclaimed “male feminists.”

Holding PC-approved liberal political views still seems to inoculate some people from criticism for outrageously offensive sexism, especially if it’s aimed at conservative women. Case in point: Michael Wolff went on Bill Maher’s show to peddle a story so wildly unsourced he couldn’t even put it in his book of fairy tales about the Trump Administration. He the President is currently having an affair and dropped enough broad hints for liberal media outlets to circulate rumors that it’s with US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Haley is incredibly intelligent and accomplished, and she expressed anger that just because she happens to be an attractive woman, she is not the first time she’s been made the subject of insulting and demeaning false rumors. But it’s okay for the left to make sniggering, belittling innuendos based on her gender, because she’s a conservative.

Likewise, the current US Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders has been the object of unprecedented personal attacks. Here is a young woman of sterling character and accomplishments, who has earned her position as spokesperson for the White House; and yet, alleged feminists routinely attack her on catty, superficial things such as her appearance. Cher recently exposed her staggering hypocrisy by giving an (anti-Trump) female empowerment speech at a Women’s March rally, then ridiculing Sarah for her clothing choices.

Politics don’t define a person’s worth. Personally when I criticize female politicians like US Senator Nancy Pelosi, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and others, it’s for their political views, not their looks or fashion sense. That’s actually a way of showing respect: I am acknowledging that she is a person whose viewpoint is worth engaging with intellectually, even if I disagree with it. When so-called feminists and liberals can’t challenge conservative women on substance and instead try to reduce them to the level of some outdated sexist cliché, they don’t diminish the women they’re attacking. They only reveal their own hypocrisy and embarrass themselves.

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