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With the Yuletide season reverberates in our midst, one can’t help but to remember the popular Filipino ditties from the ‘50s still love to belt by Pinoys, especially the carolers. These songs were popularized by Ruben Tagalog, Diomedes Maturan, Ric Manrique and Didith Reyes.

These were Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Cumbachero, Merry Christmas na Maluwalhati, Miss Kita Kung Christmas. And in the early ‘70s, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts and Gary Valenciano’s Pasko na Sinta Ko became top hits that up to now have been most requested.

Local cinema then offered to cineastes Christmas presentation, topped by the film Pagsilang ng Mesiyas, with Norma Blancaflor as Virgin Mary, American actor Jenning Sturgeons played Jesus Christ and the infant Tirso Cruz III as baby Jesus. It was produced by Lebran Productions.

Every Christmas LVN Pictures opted to exhibit the musical comedy stuffs bannered by the late Nida Blanca and Nestor De Villa. Among the flicks were the first movie shot in Eastman color, filmed in the noted tourist spot Villa Escudero titled Ikaw Kasi, followed by Tingnan Natin, shot in the picturesque Mayon Volcano and Case Grande, with other LVN stars.

The rival movie company Sampaguita Pictures always topbilled Gloria Romero in its holiday presentation such as Bim Bam Bum, Maldita, Kurdapya and Despatsadora. Gloria was paired with Ric Rodrigo, Luis Gonzales and Fred Montilla. Later, her leading man was the late Juancho Gutierrez whose fate destined to be her real life husband and dad of their only child Maritess Gutierrez.

Did you know in the ‘50s, ‘60s the seniors and their juniors both reached great heights in showbiz? Topping the list were the famous father and son, the deceased Fernando Poe Sr. and Fernando Poe Jr. FPJ’s dad was a big time actor turned movie producer under Royal Productions who brought on the screen the original Darna, the super heroine created by Mars Ravelo. There’s no need to elaborate on Movie King FPJ.

Then came Lou Salvador Sr. a famous basketball player who was a member of the Philippine team that competed in the Olympic Games. For a while he acted in several flicks before he concentrated as a director of big budgeted movies, led by the star-studded Doce Pares. Showbiz beckoned his children too including Lou Salvador Jr., tagged the James Dean of the Philippines. Before his demise, he married FPJ’s sister.

Albeit Jose Padilla Jr. outshone his father Jose Padilla Sr. who had a brief appearance in the flickerville, he was proud to tell all he inherited his talents from him, much more so as an athlete. Jose Jr, was a national boxer who competed in the Olympic Games prior to his acting career. He bagged the best actor in his portrayal of the hero Diego Silang and in Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo.

Interestingly, his brother Carlo Padilla emerged a lead actor also in romantic drama films under Premiere outfit. Subsequently, his son Carlos Padilla Jr. duplicated his feat, notably in the blockbuster pic Torpe based on a popular comics serial. Eventually In U.S. he created a stir as referee in worldwide boxing bouts. Carlos’ daughter Zsa Zsa Padilla is the famous singer-actress to this day.

Sharon Proves her Detractors Wrong

A teary-eyed Sharon Cuneta got emotional when Star Cinema bigwigs informed her that her starrer with Robin Padilla Unexpectedly Yours has been a resounding hit at the tills. On its first day along it grossed more than P14 million. It proves her detractors wrong that she’s already a wash-out at the box office.

Does it mean Sharon will have another movie with Robin in offing and her ex-Gabby Concepcion would finally accept his reteaming vehicle with her? Allegedly, before it didn’t push through for he rejected the offer, afraid that he was it might flop. In this light, Sharon refused to actuate about it yet all willing to work anew with Robin.

Alden, Maine’s Diehards Hold a Rally

Last Nov. 30, thousands of the followers of the Aldub pair (Alden Richards- Maine Mendoza) held a rally outside the Eat Bulaga studio in Broadway, Q.C. The incident transpired as an aftermath of Maine’s open letter and the duo’s absence for days at the Eat Bulaga show. Wearing all white, they emphasized it was not a protest but to show their loyalty no matter what happens.

At the same day, the tweeter reached more than 1.7 million tweets, another record holder as previously elucidated by the Aldub Nation worldwide. The bottom line, if the two looms to part, this does not mean they will cease to love and support the tandem. Both Alden and Maine seem to evade what’s the real issue about them. While cynics have opined it’s a clap-trap gimmick to bolster what they call a losing popularity of Alden and Maine team up.

No Politics for Coco

Most anybody would always categorize Coco Martin a triumphant politician if ever he tries for he epitomizes a dependable public servant. But every time writers throw the query, Coco quashes it off for it’s the farthest in his mind. Aside from showbiz works and concern for his family and love ones, he believes he can be in service to the people sans politics.

In any case, Coco’s won’t close door if ever an offer to be appointed in a government position looms. He’ll think it over to enlarge his assistance to the public which is his inherent trait akin to that of his idol the late Fernando Poe Jr.

Regarding his rumored girlfriend Julia Montes, Coco cackled. “Don’t ask me about our marriage plans. We’ve never admitted we’re in a serious relationship. Although one of my Christmas wishes is be gifted with a life time partner.”

Ai-Ai’s Fervent Wish This Christmas

With her marriage with Gerald Tibayan on Dec. 12, 2017, Ai-Ai delas Alas has a fervent Christmas wish: a successful togetherness and be blessed with a child. Curiously, their honeymoon , a European trip has been postponed due to her new resto Ai Sarap Food Express in Q.C. and has just started with a TV series for GMA-7.

Ai-Ai  and Gerald are not diffident that their pre-nuptial agreement will shun bashers to deprecate Gerald from the inkling he’s after her financial stability. About the trip abroad, the two are grateful to  their wedding ninong Tony Tuviera, the bigwig of Tape Inc. and APT Entertainment, for that gift. In jest, Ai-Ai quipped, “ sana biyayaan din kami ni God ng kambal na anak.

Blind Item:

A lovely actress revealed to my informant that it’s true she turned down the marriage proposal of her actor-lover. “I admit he’s fully prepared and I’m the one who isn’t. But a year or two from now I’d be ready. I love him more for his patient and understanding.” The actress mattered. But could it be true that the actor courts another girl, out of her refusal?

Spicy Tidbits:

Dander erupts anew between ABS-CBN and GMA-7 personalities. It’s an aftermath of the new TV series Bagani which banners Liza Soberano-Enrique Gil tandem branded by bashers a copy of GMA-7 recent series Encantadia. This led to the comment of the Kapuso headwriter Susette Doctolero not exactly for its circus like violet costumes. The ABS-CBN consultant Mark Duane Angos retaliated it’s she who copied Alyas Robin Hood from The Arrow. An exchange of condescend acts persist to this day.

A spokesman of Tape Inc.  which produces Eat Bulaga clarified that Maine Mendoza has not been suspended from the show. If anything, she has not committed misbehavior and currently on vacation abroad with her family. In her return, Maine implied she’ll ready to encumber the truth behind her sudden absence.

Incidentally, Maine is the only Filipino celebrity who made it to the top five of the world most tweeted figures as reported by micro blogging site tweeter, with Justin Bieber, Neil Horan, boy bands Bengton and Seventeen in the list.

Did you know that  John Lloyd Cruz gifted Ellen Adarna with an engagement ring worth 3 million? But Ellen remains mum on her pregnancy issue and wedding plan.

Before the year ends another Pinay beauty queen Jannie Ali-poon won a world beauty title, Miss Tourism International 2017 held in Malaysia. Our bets either bagged the titles or placed runners up.