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The dawning of All Souls Day this November brings to one’s mind the tragic deaths of several celebrities that shocked the movie world. To begin with, in the late ‘40s, singer-actress Lilian Velez who rose to fame with her original classic song Sa Kabukiran became famous with her movie team up with Narding Anzures, the son of showbiz couple Miguel Anzures and Rosa Aguirre.

Ironically, it was Narding who murdered Lilian for an unexplained reason that brought him to jail, leaving their followers in grief and disbelief of what transpired. Many years later, her film-bio Lilian Velez Story was shown with Sharon Cuneta as Lilian and Cesar Montano enacted Narding.

In mid-50s, Sampaguita Pictures was about to launch to stardom pretty actress Nelly Baylon in the comedy flick Boksingera. However, her untimely demise in a car crash somewhere in Laguna averted that opportunity. Another newcomer then Susan Roces took her place and eventually turned box office star and Philippine Movie Queen. Susan was among the first who showed up in Nelly’s wake.

Two actors from a noted showbiz clans suffered the same fate. The son of ex-stars Corazon Noble and Angel Esmeralda, none other than young actor Jay Ilagan who met an accident while driving his motorcycle. Had not for his death, his off and onscreen partnership with Hilda Koronel would have flourished. Both were built up by Lea Productions.

Then the son of Ross Rival of the Salvador clan and actress Alicia Alonzo upcoming action star Jon Hernandez had a show in Bulacan when his car crashed with a truck which left him lifeless. At his burial, his dad Ross was reunited with siblings Phillip Salvador, Mina Aragon, Alona Alegre and other members of the Salvador family.

Another action star to be Bobby Zshornack who was rumored an illegitimate son of movie idol Zaldy Zshornack got a knack for stardom with major roles in the starrers of his close pal Robin Padilla but opted to reactivate first his career as a cop, member of the Swat team that he was. In an encounter Bobby was shot to death.

Of course, most anybody remembers the hazardous plight of one of the top action stars Ace Vergel. He got involved in violent controversies yet had remained well loved out of his inherent goodness and supportive nature. He passed away in the hands of a criminal, remaining a puzzle why the crime occurred.

Same holds true in the case of ex-movie queen Nida Blanca who was killed in the vicinity of the Movie, TV, Radio Classification Board office. No definite results have been given by the NBI and Police Force on the actual assailant and why he did it. As her daughter Kathryn Torres once told this writer. “I leave it to God. He’ll be the one to give justice to my mom.”

Known as the Bruce Lee of the Philippines, karate champ Robert Lee appeared healthy to the hilt, indefatigable in shooting action-packed vehicles. Unknown to many,  Robert had an acute bone cancer. At that, upon his discovery it would no longer be cured, Robert decided to commit suicide, with a rope to hang himself in his room. He left a suicide note to his family and loved ones.

Gossips on John Lloyd, Ellen Heighten Up

The photo in Instagram showing John Lloyd Cruz hugging, kissing Ellen Adarna in Paris, France all the more adds fire to the talks about the duo. Firstly, aside from being a couple for some time now, Ellen is allegedly pregnant and Lloydie momentarily quit showbiz to be at her side abroad.

A mutual chum of the duo relayed to this writer that both cry foul for the harum-scarum allegations. My source quoted Ellen saying, “how come I’ve monthly period now if pregnancy taps me? That’s ridiculous,” As Ellen reportedly broke into laughter. Ah, what else is new in showbiz? Rumour-mongers are part and parcel of it.

Erich Comments on Ex Daniel’s New GF

A co-writer divulged what Erich Gonzales confided about the relationship of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga with his new lover Karolina Flosirek, a Polish top model. With hubris, not a huff Erich wishes the duo the best, not bitter or envious that she is.

“I’ve moved on after our split and we’re civil every time I see him. What matter for me falls on my career in acting and to expand my business acumen.” My source quoted Erich as saying. In any case, Erich refused to elaborate if she has found a new love who’s out of showbiz as being blabbed around.

Blind Item:

Talks still scatter that a popular actress left anew her house out of her oftentimes altercation with her dad. The bottom line has it that he truly dislikes her actor-lover. Close chums of the actress surmised that this time the actress won’t set her foot back home.

“Especially, her boyfriend has already offered her marriage. Most probably, she would choose to live with him, feeling that her dad can never accept him.” A confidante quipped about the actress. What befuddles her chums is how come he’s basically a good, loving guy yet her father has inscrutable hatred for him.

Is Jason Sued for Indecency?

Since a girl posted in the social media that she was sexually harassed with indecent acts and words by actor Jason Abalos, not a few opined that she filed an indecency case against him. But in front of writer-pals Jason denied it. He admitted he himself thought he’d face a court case.

“But I did not receive a notice about it. In fact, she already deleted all the unpleasant things posted on me. Siguro nagpapapansin lang siya but realized I’ve done nothing wrong, honestly speaking. Sad to say, my relationship with my girlfriend has been affected.” Jason declared.

Career-wise, Jason quashed off gossips that ill-feelings existed between him and ABS-CBN management after he transferred to GMA-7. “What I achieved I owe it the Kapamilya people. Grateful ako kaya maayos akong nagpaalam sa kanila and they’re not harboring grievances, so do I.” Jason remarked sans pretension.

Latest Tidbits:

Did you know that Maine Mendoza’s book titled Yup I’m that Girl has been considered one of the best sellers? In the advanced sales held at the Mall of Arena recently, the copies were all sold out in 30 minutes. Well, it’s because Maine confirmed in its promo that she revealed all, no holds barred, especially on love matter. It’s officially launched at the Tri No Ma mall in Quezon City.

Elmo Magalona expressed thanks to his love team Janella Salvador. For the first time he appeared without her in the TV series Maalala Mo Kaya? Yet Janella still assisted him in the promotions. Elmo admitted the role is the hardest he enacted so far. That’s why he has no regrets whatsoever to transfer from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. About Janella,  Elmo’s no comment if they’re indeed lovers off cameras.

Kapamilya network young pair Loisa Andallo and Jerome Ponce hugged the spotlight in their appearance in the fantasy series Candy’s Crush, an episode of Wansapanataym gained world recognition. The Emmy Kids Awards chose the show as a finalist in the best mini-series category. Most probably, the two would grace awards night early next year at Cannes, France.

Although Kris Aquino has no problems, financially and about her family, she does not deny she goes namby-pamby out of depression. For more than a year sans a TV program she has not entertained people, one of her priorities since way back. Just asking, what happens to the news she’ll be co-host of Willie Revillame in Wowowin?

Would you believe Ai-Ai delas Alas’ son Sancho is several years older than her groom to be Gerald Sibayan? Despite Sancho’s closeness with Gerald, he feels uneasy to call him dad or uncle. “I’m at ease to call him kumpadre for I always defend him from bashers, knowing him to truly love my mom. Para nga akong lawyer niya na taga pagtanggol niya.” Sancho reasoned out.

Incidentally, Ai-Ai hands Sancho encouraging advices on his break in showbiz without her assistance. She looks forward to that day working with him in a TV or movie project.

Aga Muhlach puts his thumbs up in the possibility of being reteamed with Lea Salonga. To this day, Aga believes Lea craves for that also. However, there are seeming setbacks delaying a project for Aga and Lea.