Businessman Sings Praises to Press Club

By | October 30, 2017

“To recognize bullshit, nose is better than ear.” ― Toba BetaMaster of Stupidity


TORONTO – Retired teacher Tony San Juan sends a copy of a keynote address by Alfredo “Pidoy” Pacis in his capacity as Gawad Kalinga Canada chairman and requests that it be posted or published in Balita, the largest Filipino newspaper in Greater Toronto Area, where I also write. 


In my seven years in this city, I’ve known that Pidoy is the last person I’d like to tangle with, not only because he’s a straight-forward businessman but also because he knows when to speak and when to keep his mouth shut. (Video at:


At the anniversary of the Philippine Press Club Ontario (PPCO) during the weekend (Saturday, Oct. 21) where Pidoy, a cookware honcho, was the guest speaker, he talked about fake news, social media, the truth, Saladmaster, and to me the most significant of all – PPCO.


There are times when PPCO morphs into Philippine Praise Club Ontario, sometimes into Philippine Pet Club Ontario, sometimes into Puro Porma sa Canada Ontario. The acronym PPCO stands for all these and I must say, the meaning I give it does not speak well of the social club.


It is Pidoy’s opinion – to which he’s entitled, of course – that moves me to react this way. He patronizes PPCO in a manner that would agitate one who knows its sordid background, and I quote from the text sent by Tony San Juan as follows: 


“Thankfully, PPCO is here to ensure our ethical conduct, lest we forget that we are also privy to fall for fiction. It is vital that we have an organization that holds up our virtues and our longing for truth. After all, the best use of our press freedom is to use it for good”.


I take issue with that statement for the simple reason that it is not true. Pidoy might have been carried away by the presence of real and fake media friends who knew how to butter him up, so he had to return the gesture and pat them on the back. It happens, it always happens in any event.


It is so ironic that Pidoy, of all people, would heap that kind of praise on PPCO. “Thankfully, PPCO is here to ensure our ethical conduct . . . “ is plainly chicken manure. Perhaps, Pidoy forgot about this young woman, now his daughter-in-law, and a local dentist, who were victimized by a ranking PPCO official known for his underground activities in what I consider the worst ethical misconduct in community journalism.


Hermie Garcia took a picture of the two holding up a copy of Philippine Reporter, his left-leaning tabloid, then published it side by side with a picture of Tobias Enverga, a member of the Senate, during the Pinoy Fiesta, the money-earner for its organizer Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation that Enverga founded in 2010. (Video at:


Nothing would have been wrong in the posed picture except that the tabloid splashed the inaccurate and fake news of Tess Cusipag’s serving 21 days (the correct number is 13 days) in a provincial reformatory meted by a judge for violating an injunction by another judge.


The young lady and the dentist were undoubtedly used by Hermie Garcia as human props to further his attempt to besmirch the reputation of Tess Cusipag, editor and publisher of Balita, and her paper. However vulgar it looked, the young lady and the dentist became complicit, unknowingly, it turned out later. (Full story at:


Consider that Hermie Garcia was once a PPCO president (of 17 members actually), and presumably, he knew what’s right and wrong. He is consumed by envy, but greed is a stronger force to ignore so he continues his vile attacks. (Video at:


Pidoy spoke of fake news in its very home; of ethics where none existed; and truth where it is fantasized. Here was a fine example of a story involving his family.

Judging from his non-reaction when Hermie Garcia’s picture was published in his tabloid, it appears that he really didn’t care even if it unnecessarily dragged his now daughter-in-law. So what is Pidoy’s business extolling PPCO for its “ethical conduct”? Was Hermie Garcia ethical?


I am truly surprised why Pidoy never lifted a finger to register his protest against what Hermie Garcia and his paper did to the young lady. I didn’t hear him speak out, I didn’t see him write anything condemning the attack on Balita by using the young lady and the dentist.


What’s admirable, however, is the immediate reaction of Pidoy’s son in demanding the removal of a video I created about the offending photo. He was coming to her defense. After all, the young lady was his fiancee and now wife.


PPCO lacked the moral high ground to deserve such a lavish praise from Pidoy . . unless his remarks were focused on Saladmaster and the cookware and kitchenware it sells, and Max’s.


“It is vital that we have an organization that holds up our virtues and our longing for truth”. Really? What kind of virtue? What truth? 


Which PPCO is Pidoy talking about – Philippine Praise Club Ontario, Philippine Pet Club Ontario, Puro Porma sa Canada Ontario. Bullshitting just found an advocate.


In the words of Pidoy himself, PPCO “has been and continues to be a ‘necessary’ organization for Canadian-Filipinos in Ontario media”. You must be kidding, you must really be kidding Pidoy. #