By | July 14, 2017


This early, Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 turns controversial anew as in previous years, most specifically last year. This has been triggered by the resignation of three members of the Executive Committee of the MMFF Ricky Lee, Roland Tolentino and Kara Alikpala, Obviously, they protested the official selection of the first four entries to make it.

Of the 8 entries, those announced already are Ang Panday, Almost is not Enough, The Revengers and Love Traps from mainstream producers, not from independent movie companies. They’ve the inkling that no indie flick would be chosen even if deserving.

An insider did tete-a-tete to this writer that majority of the members of the exec com have in mind not to repeat the blunder last year. All the films were serious, well made but grossed way below the past box office records of the MMFF. Probably, the committee gives credence to the fact the showing falls on the Christmas season and the viewers, mostly the kids will patronize family oriented or light fantasy-comedy stuff with top stars in the lead.

No wonder, the starrers of Coco Martin, Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda easily the choice of the MMFF officers. Yet have voiced out the scripts of the chosen movies embody the criteria of the festival in relevance to what cineastes will opt to watch.


The unexpected acting comeback of ex-senator and erstwhile action star Lito Lapid in the top rated TV series Ang Probinsyano has made televiewers awed. For Lito has not ceased to exhibit his prowess in rough and tumble sequences in spite of his age and long respite in showbiz.

Did you know that this pure bloodied Pampangueno started his career as a bit player prior to his emergence to a most in demand stuntman who doubled for action stars on tedious, risky sequences? Subsequently, movie producer Jessie Chua of Mirick Productions handed him the title role in the film bio of his late uncle titled Jess Lapid Story.

Thus, Lito became famous in daredevil performances in blockbuster vehicles, not to mention his team up in several films with the late top actors Fernando Poe Jr., Rudy Fernandez, Jun Aristorenas and even Comedy King Dolphy. To recount, Lito too put up his own movie outfit LL Productions which came out with successful stuff.

Personally, this writer was attached to Lito at the time he penetrated politics, from Pampanga mayor, governor to a Senate seat through his publicist Alex Marcelino who happened to be my pal. Alex would invite me to grace gatherings tendered for Lito whether at his digs or in the Senate office.


What could be attributed to Lito’s genuine concern for me transpired at the time of a FAMAS controversy which I served as a long time member. Unintentionally, my stance for truth led me to be called whistleblower in the error of some FAMAS officers. One of them accused me on the air and in print as the real culprit. That I resented the choice of Alec Bovick as best actress for I was paid by another nominee Ara Mina to campaign for her victory.

Learning about my predicament, Lito contacted me of his willingness to aid me if I planned to file a libel case through his lawyer Atty. Dexter Lacuanan which I accepted. That earmarked the publicized suit I filed against a FAMAS officer, covered by media men. However, when the said officer apologized to me then publicly admitted his fault, I didn’t pursue the libel case.

Many times Lito unquestionably supported me in my ups and downs and voluntarily became a major sponsor of MOWPPAP as president of the club which assisted hospitalized movie press, photographers or out of job colleagues. And prior to my departure to Canada, albeit he was too busy, Lito threw a send-off bash for me that attested our enduring friendship.

Kris Laughs off Talks On Wash-Out Issue

Rather than be annoyed of the talks she’s already a washout or ‘laos na’, Kris Aquino laughs it off. She reasoned out it’s a boon-daggle act if she reacts. For the truth, she consistently receives a lot of TV, the movie offers. Yet her priority delves into her bonding time with her family and intimate loved ones.

Aside from the foreign film she has committed to, Kris admits she’s on the brink of signing a contract with a TV network which she refused to name as she promised the management to shut her mouth first.

Regarding the rumor that Kris has a new suitor whom she was seen driving for hours within Metro Manila, Kris clarified to pen pushers. “Of course not. He’s none other than monitoring journalist James Deaken who simply taught me having fun and learning more about how to enjoy while driving.”

Blind Item:

A handsome young actor nods that two actresses who have been romantically linked to him are at loggerheads with each other. But he counters he’s not the cause of the rift. Allegedly, both found out the truth, accused one another of seducing the actor, so they say.

In this light, the actor adjures the blabbers not to blame him for another reason might have ignited their misunderstanding. He hints, however, that he falls for a different female celebrity and on the verge of courting her.

The Inner Side of Alden

Would you believe what’s bruited around about the hidden side of Alden Richards? Reportedly, Alden belongs to the cheapskate ones or in local parlance ‘kuripot.’ His buddies adumbrate that’s his nature. They echo, “ Alden refuses to buy expensive things, especially shoes. Pero talagang business-oriented siya.  In any case, Alden has shown he’s a good investor.”

An intimate pal uttered in jest. “When it comes to Maine (Mendoza), ibang usapan na. Once, he hears she’s fond of an item, he’ll buy it for her. Ha..ha..ha..”

Is Julia Montes Jealous of Mariel de Leon?

Since Coco Martin officially announced that he chose Bb. Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel de Leon to be his leading lady in the remake of Ang Panday which he’ll co-produce, not a few await Julia Montes’ reaction. As it is, Julia is said to be the girlfriend of Coco for some time now.

There are those who visualize that the incoming closeness of Coco and Mariel would make Julia restless due to insecurity or jealousy. Much more so, out of the candid remark of Coco that he truly admires Mariel and vice versa. While others have opined that Julia has trusted him fully well. Besides, she’s reportedly attached to Mariel’s parents Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong. Well, let’s see what will be the next scenario in offing.

Current Tidbits:

Multi-awarded Filipino movie directors Brilliante Mendoza and Lav Diaz have been invited to join the U.S. Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences who yearly hand the prestigious Hollywood Oscar Awards. The duo got worldwide fame for their best director trophies in various international film fests. Actors Gal Bardot (Wonder Woman), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Pratt (Guardian of the Galaxy) and Chris Hems Worth (Thor) make it to the new list also.

The sudden appearance of Louise delos Reyes in the TV series Ang Probinsyano has proven she’s under ABS-CBN network, not with GMA-7 anymore. For months, Louise kept mum on her transfer albeit she was visibly absence in the Kapuso shows for quite a time.

Hunk actor Paulo Avelino has apprised scribes that he’s in constant dates with Fil-Australian model Jodie Tarasek but not in a serious relationship. “We’re on the getting to know state yet, not a couple as some implied.” Paulo was quoted to say.

Finally, after four years animosity among the Barretto family has ended. Recently, Claudine posted happy moments with mom Inday, siblings Gretchen, Marjorie, Michelle and Jay-Jay. Before, they used not to be seen together over arrant differences that Claudine herself did not conceal.

Mutual friends of Andi Eigenmman and Jake Ejercito feel elated that the case of child custody filed by Jake at the San Juan City Court under Judge Cesar Sulit has been dismissed amicably. Both agreed to settle their conflict on a 4-year-old child in a corrigible manner. At the Court, Andi and Jake’s mom Laarni Enriquez hugged each other. On the other side, Jake shook hands with Andi brought about by the settlement.