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Did you that at 83, ex-movie queen Gloria Romero has spent 68 years in Philippine showbiz? Not only that, she’s a record holder for at her age, she’s the only one who still enacts title role in the boob tube fantasy series Daig Ka ng Lola Ko and a major assignment in comedy romance tele serye Meant to Be as a funny grandma.

In retrospect, Gloria tried showbiz in the late ‘40s under Premiere Productions. But in the early ‘50s, Sampaguita Pictures got her to star in Palasig, opposite the late Cesar Ramirez (actress-director Beverly Vergel’s dad) and Monghita, among others. After dramatic roles, Dr. Jose Perez, the producer of Sampaguita studio, decided to launch Gloria in comedy starrers Pilya, Kurdapya, Bim, Bam Bom that established her as a top box office star.

Then in the rib-tickler Dalagang Ilokana, Gloria turned the first star to win the FAMAs best actress in comedy role. Those in the know put her in the category of a versatile all around performer, be it in drama, horror, comedy and adventure vehicles.

A new feather was added to her cap when the late Cardinal Rufino Santos chose Gloria to play Virgin Mary in the prestigious Martir sa Golgota that could be ascribed to her unblemished image. The Lenten presentation was held twice at the Manila Grand Opera House. Gloria placed runner up also in the Miss Philippines beauty tilt. She emerged Miss Visayas that all the more brought glitter and glamour to her stature.

In passing, Gloria bannered films shot abroad before she sat as judge in the discovery tilt Mr. & Miss Number One conducted by Dr. Perez for showbiz beginners. The eventual winners were Juancho Gutierrez and Amalia Fuentes. Initially, the two were paired in their early flicks.

Fate destined otherwise for off cameras, Juancho fell for Gloria and vice versa that culminated in marriage. Then the leading newspaper Manila Times published for the first time a showbiz wedding in the front page that attested to Gloria’s tremendous popularity.

In spite of Gloria’s marriage, she sustained her fame but years later sadly separated with Juancho, out of his reported womanizing ways. Subsequently, Gloria accepted back a repentant Juancho. Much more so she took care of him arduously during his dying years.

As a lonely widow, Gloria opted not to entertained suitors, simply concentrated rearing their only child Maritess. Through her indefatigable nature, Maritess grew up a smart, responsible youngster. Of late, Maritess becomes a successful businesswoman who stays beholden to her mom’s care and assistance through all the years.

Christopher’s Daughter Wins Bb. Pilipinas International 2017

An elated Christopher de Leon and wife Sandy Andolong are exuberant that their daughter Mariel de Leon finally won a title at the Bb. Pilipinas beauty tilt. She bagged Bb. Pilipinas International 2017, her third try in joining beauty pageants. Boyet disclosed to writer-friends, he will support Mariel if later she crashes showbiz world.

Looking back, for several decades Boyet sustains his prowess as multi-awarded actor being active to date be it on TV or movies. At the time he was still out of showbiz, this writer met him at the digs of his actress-sibling Pinky de Leon. He excitedly revealed that the late megger Lino Brocka would launch him in Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang that propelled him to an award winning, top actor.

Just recently, a colleague related to me that Boyet extended his regards to me, knowing I migrated to Canada. What was surprising was Boyet mentioned that his first publicity was written by me then, showing indeed he has a retentive memory.

Vet Stars Mourn Death of Romeo Vasquez

Many active veteran actors, especially he had worked with have deeply mourned the demise of ex-matinee idol Romeo Vasquez last May 2. Specifically, his son in law Albert Matinez expressed efficacious message that he considered Romeo not only a dad in law but his best friend for decades.

As we all know Albert’s late daughter Liezl happened to be Romeo’s daughter by his ex-wife Amalia Fuentes. Albert became attached to Romeo for despite split with Amalia, he remained supportive to her and the Muhlach clan. Not surprising that Amalia’s siblings Alex, Cheng and her nephews Aga and Nino Muhlach turned emotional to learn about his death.

Heard that the still bed-ridden, unstable Amalia was teary-eyed when Alex informed her of his passing away.

Who Says Richard Yap a Wash-out?

Some observers in and out of showbiz opportune words to describe Richard Yap a flash-in the pan success, has already been tagged a wash out. This could be attributed that for quite a time he has no assignments, not being talked about anymore. Allegedly, in public places, he’s snubbed by fans.

On the contrary, Richard’s TV and movie love team Jodi Sta. Maria jocundly confided to the movie press that she’ll begin with a new project with him anytime now. “It’s because our fans clamor for a reteam. Abangan ninyo mas may kilig factor for there’s a love triangle in the plot. Another actor joins us in the cast.” Jodi was quoted to say.

Pia Accepts Lead Role

Albeit Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach travels in and out the country for her love of humanitarian duties, she has consented to tackle the lead role in a forthcoming flick under Star Cinema and Viva Films. The storyline wobbles on rib-tickling situations with Vice Ganda, no less. So expect it to be a riotous pre-sentation.

She’s unaffected by the social media expose that boyfriend Marlon Stockinger has twins, sired by his ex-girlfriend.

Richard Criticizes Daniel

Veteran singer Richard Reynoso commented unfavorably on Daniel Padilla’s performance at the recent Bb. Pilipinas 2017 tilt. Richard blurted rather than to make the contestants important, Daniel seemed to put them as mere backdrop in his song The Way You Look Tonight. Unlike previous warblers who approached all the candidates to make them feel beautiful. Besides, Richard stated Daniel’s rendition of the song was not good enough.

Naturally, the fans of Daniel controverted the criticisms. They debunked it,  saying that Richard should not compare his style to that of Daniel for today is a modern times, with a different level. “O baka envious for he didn’t reach Daniel’s popularity.” They echoed.

Blind Item:

A half-breed actress retaliated back to bashers who calumniate that she purposely seduced an actor to fall for her which caused his break up with a showbiz personality. With aplomb, the actress told a writer. “I’m no clap-trap person. He’s just a chum. Frankly, I like one who shares with me the same passion, interest that he doesn’t have. That’s that.”

Latest Tidbits:

Predictably, Sharon Cuneta defended Senator Tito Sotto whom she considers her second dad being the husband of her aunt Helen Gamboa and one of those who handed her singing career break. Sharon stated his words about DWSD head Judy Taguilo being a single parent was a mere joke.

“I myself was once a single parent, so with his own daughter Ciara. Syempre, he had no intention to hurt us. But I still apologize to those who have been offended. Nag-sorry na si uncle, don’t make a big issue out of it.” Sharon sighed.

Would you believe that Jodi Sta. Maria is all set to continue her pre-med course? Yes, she has not ceased dreaming to become a doctor. She opines her busy showbiz career won’t be a hindrance. A proud mom, her son by ex-husband graduated in elementary school with honors. He’s a grandson of Sen. Lacson.

Diehard followers of Nora Aunor are jubilant of the effective voice therapy she underwent in Singapore days back. They’re hopeful Nora will regain her singing prowess. Critics, however, countered that it would happen only if Nora allegedly gives up her vices detrimental to her good health.

Ai-Ai delas Alas garnered her second international best actress award at the ASEAN Film Festival held in Sarawak, Malaysia. The first was at the New York Queens film fest for the same movie Area. She believes 2017 a banner year for her.