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The Miss Universe fever still rages on in the Philippines, especially our bet Maxine Medina made it to the top six despite criticisms thrown to her prior to the coronation rites. But did you know many of the Bb. Pilipinas beauties turned showbiz celebrities after their reign?

In the ‘50s title holder, Cristina Pacheco was the initial beauty queen to do so. She was the lead actress in the war movie Operation: Saigon where she reaped plaudits for her performance. Then came Lalaine Benett, the very first Bb. Pilipinas to place runner-up in the Miss Universe contest. Showbiz beckoned her as she starred in several drama-action roles.

The late movie king Fernando Poe Jr. had the distinction to get Bb. Pilipinas winners to play opposite him in flicks. They were Pilar Pilapil, Chat Silayan, Dang Cecilio and Charlene Gonzales. Of the three, Pilar stood out as an actress for decades, with her acting prowess recognized by the film critics.

After Chat (daughter of versatile character actor Vic Silayan) was chosen the third runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant, FPJ offered her to be his leading lady in Ang Maestro which she nodded. Charlene was paired with FPJ in Epimaco Velasco Story. She became active in showbiz before she married movie idol Aga Muhlach.

Of course, Miss Universe winners Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran tasted showbiz life too. Albeit Margie bannered the hit musical-comedy flick Oh Margie Oh, with singer-actor Victor Laurel, she had a brief stint only. She concentrated on being active on humanitarian organizations that to this day, she assiduously does.

In the case of Gloria, she created a stir in her starrer Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa, helmed by the multi-awarded director the deceased Celso Ad Castillo (my close pal-classmate in college).Gloria ignited the wet look trend in celluloid strips. Eventually, however, Gloria proved she’s not only a sex symbol but a dramatic actress as well. This was documented by several acting honors handed by different award giving bodies.

Curiously, in the early 2000s, Miriam Quiambao started the consecutive years Bb. Pilipinas bets ended up among the top five in the Miss Universe tilt. Although she slipped on the floor during the evening gown competition, her confidence as if nothing happened impressed the judges. They declared her first runner-up.

Back in the Philippines, Miriam gained fame in the TV world as a host-TV actress. This writer can’t help but recall that at the time she hosted the reality show Extra Challenge, with Paolo Bediones. She personally interviewed me, featured in her program the activity of Movie Writers, Press Photographers Association of the Philippines via the tiangge store donated by the stars.

As the president of the club, I mentioned to her that the earnings of the club would all go the sick, disabled and out of job scribes and lens men. Later, we were touched when Miriam donated some of her clothes, other items to our club for added assistance.

Other runners up who penetrated the boob tubes; Venus Raj, Shamsey Supsup, LJ Lastimosa, Ariela Arrida and Janine Tagonon. Most likely, the latest Pinay Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach will join them, Heard that even an American producer has been eying Pia to tackle the female lead role in the forthcoming James Bond film.

Ellen Adarna Goes Controversial

Since actress Ellen Adarna split with her lover Baste Duterte who’s President Rodrigo Duterte’s son, she goes controversial. Netizens spread her alleged rift with the current non-showbiz girlfriend of Baste named Kate Necesario. Reportedly, there’s an exchange of bilge between the duo brought about by Ellen’s comment Kate looks like ‘losyang’ or an aging looking one.

But the more talk about was the statement of Ellen that she wants to have a bf with good genes for she prefers a baby first before marriage. Not a few surmised that Ellen allegedly insinuated that she couldn’t have a child by Baste, the cause of their break up.

In her defense through Instagram, Ellen expounded she meant no offense. That the good genes she implied refer to bear a good baby that would grow tall, not small like her, not Baste incapable of impregnating her. So that’s it.

Jodi’s Unhappy on Annulment Case Result

Despite many years of separation, the Court of Appeals junked Jodi Sta Maria’s reconsideration on the annulment of her marriage with Pampi Lacson. To recall, Regional Trial Courts granted it as null and void but the Court of Appeals disapproved it, stating that the marriage remains valid and inviolable sans concrete proofs of why the couple separated.

Jodi knows for a fact, she has moved with her new love vice Governor Jolo Revilla, so with Pampi who has a child by Iwa Motto. Jodi and Pampi have no problem with their son Thirdy whom both have showered with love and understanding. But nevertheless saddened for she won’t have a chance to remarry.

In any case, Jodi has proven that she reaches the new goal as an accomplished actress be it on TV or movies, what with her successful starrers.

No Rift Between Ara and Gina

Talks persist that the animosity between Ara Mina and actress-director Gina Alajar exists. Reportedly, their differences nearly caused Ara to quit the TV series Pinulot Ka Lang sa Lupa which Gina helms. Allegedly, the bumptious actions at the set of Gina and fractious reaction of Ara still trigger on.

A co-writer, however, dismissed such allegations. Gina told her she holds Ara in high esteem being a good actress and a nice person. Well, both Gina and Ara have been long-time chums of mine. Never did I visualize the duo then to have bilious nature, having inherent conviviality, to say so.

Blind Item:

One of the fave topics of curious reporters is about the real score that befalls these stars paired in a TV series. In spite of their inquisitive query, the two have remained tight-lipped. But what made them in guffaw were the words an insider gibbered.

“Knowing the duo, it’s just a one night stand. Nagtikiman lang sila. That’s all, nothing more than that.”

Bits & Pieces:

Ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres amazed watchers of the TV show ASAP with her unchanged beauty, dancing skills after more than 20 years since she left Philippine showbiz world. This writer once met Dayanara at the time her ex Aga Muhlach tagged her along at his Aunt Amalia Fuentes’ digs.

Amalia told me she was truly impressed by Dayanara’s awesome looks, extrovert nature which the beauty queen exudes to this day. No wonder, Pinoys love her to the fullest.

Not a few have commented unfavorably on the rant thrown to Cesar Montano by his actor-son Diego Loyzaga. That he’s a hypocrite, no good dad who does not care for his family. Reportedly, this started on the threat of Cesar that he would let his son be arrested due to a drug habit. Whatever, Diego’s mom and half siblings have stood by Diego’s side.

What lies ahead of Kris Aquino, career-wise? Seemingly, GMA-7 and ABS-CBN networks are not keen on getting her. In any case, Kris is unaffected and with self –aplomb as ever. She can’t forget what TV exec Charo Santos instilled to her. No matter what happens, Kris will always be a Kapamilya star.

Just asking, how true that in her recent talk with President Duterte Kris pleaded him not to include her brother ex-President Noynoy Aquino in any accusations which may lead to Court cases?

Gossips buzz around that Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga broke off out of a third party involvement, putting Erich in a bad light. Daniel has come to her rescue, saying they’re still in a smooth relationship.

“Please leave Erich alone. She has always loving, faithful girlfriend to me. Don’t drag her into a mess.” Daniel asked Erich’s bashers.