Beware: The Viruses In Our Community.

By | February 18, 2017

Liars and phonies have been around us forever. But sometimes there are those who are so blatant, brave and aggressive to impose their lies, thinking that we, the public, are so dumb and always will be to listen to them. I call them the viruses of our community.

When given the opportunity to show off and waste people’s time, don’t they even think that someday the truth will come out and that their lies will eventually cause them embarrassment?

Some years ago, I watched a video presentation of what the presenter said was his job or a business, a successful one. We were all so mesmerized at the grand achievement and seeming efficiency and perfection of the game plan… Without a doubt, everyone was in awe of this guy’s great accomplishment as it flashed to us on the big screen.

Later, one guy queried, “how much did you get paid for that job?” I remember it took a while for him to reply, and then he said, “Five Hundred Thousand.” It certainly enhanced the admiration of the already impressed crowd, such that there were fans in there who were so bowled over they were ready to treat him like a God. It would be nice to see this guy’s income tax return as proofs.

I kept telling myself “this is too good to be true.” Feeling incredulous, I kept a close watch for clues. Others in the room were as uneasy as me, but out of courtesy, they did not pursue the questioning so as not to put him on the spot and offend him.

He was able to impress some people, but subsequently, I know many of them are wondering like myself for what it was really about.

Could it be something that he was working on, believed so much in the worth of his bright idea, and tried to make it work?

Was the whole extravaganza just a product of his wild imagination? We never heard anything more. What happened to it?

I thought of it as just trying to gain pogi points and acceptance from his colleagues.  At least, I give him credit for being so brazen, and that is what is so scary.

Going forward, I now fully understand these personalities. There are some who would make small things and magnify them to polish their image. Are these characters all over in our community? It could be anybody if you look around us, so many fit the bill. But to some people who knew some could instantly raise their hands laughing.

In this day and age, especially with the internet, there is so much going on, and it looks like in the short term nobody out there is going to protect us but ourselves. It does not help that south of the border lying per se seems to have been legitimized on a grand scale by the Trump election so that what we think of it in future may change. For now, we stick to what we believe. I patted myself for not falling right away. The inquisitive I kept quiet but my instincts were right not to ask questions, that in the end it would be discovered anyway.      

Everyone has his or her own God-given skills, talents and expertise. We all want to use them to make us look our best so we can win friends, and fans, or just to be accepted. For those few of us who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, if they can take advantage and profit from us, why not? So all I can say is, magingat lagi, mga kababayan…..marami sila diyan.****