Golden Nuggets to Live By

By | March 30, 2012

“You meet quiet and noisy ones as you travel through life. The quiet ones . . . carry us on a great adventure. . . The noisy ones . . . pull us along an empty track to nowhere.” Michael T. Smith, Author
As we face the grinds of daily life, the most comforting and inspiring people are those who give us a genuine smile, a pat in the back, an unexpected hug, a sincere appreciation, a listening ear. They are the ones who care and allow us to unburden our anguish, worries, and fears without bias, amidst chaos.
They don’t talk much. But in their silence, they convey a profound message of understanding and love. When they talk, they encourage others to express their thoughts and feelings, without interference, without making unnecessary judgment.
These are the ones who turn our ordinary journey into magnificent adventure. They are the ones who make our daily travails into a grand entrance to the promise land.
How about the noisy ones? They are those who constantly talk about themselves. Too self-absorbed and grandiose. Caring, listening, and sharing are the last things in their minds. They intend to acquire as much as they can. With these people, the empty track to nowhere is very real.
“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” Jerry Rice, Football Player
Other people like to dream of what could become. Still others like to dream but they achieve their goals and desires because they ACT. They’re not contented with endless brainstorming, planning, analyzing, and researching. Despite unpredictable outcome, they don’t hesitate. They do what is necessary to achieve their goals. Now!
Through unimaginable pain, sacrifice, and hardship, they chase their dream. With enthusiasm, determination, discipline, and focus, they pursue their purpose in life. While others complain and whine, they solve problems. When others give up after only three tries, they keep trying and focus on how to get it right the next time.
With positive attitude and unwavering vision, they eventually accomplish what they dream of.

“Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.” Beatrix Potter, Author and Illustrator
In all our endeavors, we should remember that there’s a Higher Power guiding us all the way, giving us the courage when everyone seems against us. Without us knowing it, this Invisible Hand watches over us, providing all the hidden opportunities in unlikely places.
Never worry or be fearful. There’s no need to blame, to throw tantrum, or to spread hatred when we don’t get our desires right away. Instead, focus on our dreams, on those things greater than our being. Let’s just wait for the right time. Many blessings will just come when we least expect them. Great reward requires strong patience.
Believe! When we do, the powers of the universe converge in our direction to grant us our wishes.