By | November 17, 2011

A worried reaction seems to betide the Gerald Anderson-Kim Chiu diehard followers. It’s the aftermath of the sudden popularity of Kim’s team up with Xian Lim in the TV series My Binondo Girl. Worldwide through the TFC of the Kapamilya network, not a few have been enthralled by the tandem. Perhaps, one reason could be attributed to their chemistry and physical appearance. Both are half-Chinese which blend beautifully. Not to mention the boy-next-door appeal and natural acting prowess of Xian.
More than that, however, talks circulate that Kim and Xian allegedly have been seen together off-cameras on a frequent date. The bilious news somehow contrives insecurity to Kim-Gerald loyalists or to Gerald himself. Though the latter would snap to writer-chums that he feels happy for the positive feedback of the new Kim-Xian love team.
On the other side, both Kim and Xian, while elated over the success of their initial team up, controvert their supposed twosome off cam. As Kim explained, “ kung nakikita kaming magkasama sa labas, we’re in a group usually with the cast of My Binondo Girl.” So that’s it.
Meanwhile, let’s see if the latest pair of Gerald and Jessy Mendiola in Budoy will also stir bluster to the solid fans of Kim and Gerald.
An Acid Test for the Revillas
The past days have proven not only a tragedy for the Revillas but seem to bedevil the relationships among the clan. After the untimely, brutal murder of Sen. Bong Revilla’s half brother Ram, the suspects have implicated Ram’s brod and sister as accomplices behind the killing which caught the entire Revillas in a state of shock. Lately, adding harm to injury are the spreading words that all’s not well between the family of Ram, led by his mom Gennylyn Magsaysay (of the known Magsaysay clan from Zambales) and Bong’s real brothers and sisters. This, in spite of what Gennylyn confided in a TV interview there’s no such truth to it.
Such deleterious accusation within the Revilla clan somewhat earmarks an acid test for them, emotionally, mentally and morally. For one, the Revilla patriarch, ex-Sen. Ramon Revilla has been synonymous to a loving father who treats his children equally with discipline. Love and care. Bong himself inherits that trait of his dad. Years back while under his employ at his Press Relations office, this writer personally witnessed how Bong exerted much efforts, went out of his way to patch up differences among the Revillas, no matter how big or small. Especially if his half siblings, Gennylyn’s children, were involved.
Sooner or later, the truth will set the Revillas free, emerging stronger than ever and much closer than before. Like what Bong would often remark then, “after the storm, the light shines luminously leaving completely the gloomy sides of life.”
With the recent observance of All Souls Day, in retrospect the departed movie icons of the pre-war and post war eras beckoned the old-timers’ mind. Let’s start with the late ‘30s idol Rudy Concepcion. His love life was so colorful that some years after his demise, it was relived on the screen titled Kasaysayan ni Rudy Concepcion via Sampaguita Pictures, with the late Pancho Magalona in the title role and Linda Estrella who enacted his wife.
Among Rudy’s contemporaries were Corazon Noble and Angel Esmeralda of the noted showbiz Ilagan clan. The deceased love team sired a son who later became an actor too, Jay Ilagan. Unluckily, Jay perished in a motorcycle accident at a young age which aborted his superstardom that time. Corazon and Angel were top billed in many melodramatic starrers Pasang Krus, Matimtiman, Tarhata, Huling Habilin, to name a few.
Later, a scant of years after Angel passed away, Corazon quit the movies, with a sideline as caterer of movie companies then. We remember an incident in the early ‘70s when we invited Jay to grace an affair at San Pablo city. His mom tagged along with him. How astounded we were at the sight of Corazon not only recognized by old folks, especially the women, who mobbed her to ask for her autograph and posed for shots with her. An amused Jay butted in cheerfully, “aba, nasapawan ako ng nanay ko.”
The late ‘40s and ‘50s produced the top musical team of Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. Tita was an erstwhile child actress. A scion of the affluent Magalona family (his dad was the late ex-Sen. Enrique Magalona), Pancho joined the movies just to be near his long time crush Tita. His penchant for singing and dancing, just like Tita, catapulted their pair to the blockbuster musical films. Every movie the duo made, a new dance was introduced that subsequently became a craze nationwide.
Their first starrer after the two married was the top moneymaker then Dahil sa Iyo. Its theme song of the same title turned into the ever popular kundiman,a classic one. So meaningful was the song that a top American warbler Tony Bennett recorded it in US entitled Your Love is Mine that was an international hit also.
When Tita retired, Pancho was transformed into an award winning actor in Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig which earned him the FAMAS best actor award. This led a big-time American megger to get him for a co-starring role with then top Hollywood star Kirk Douglas in the action flick The Hook. Pancho should have made it big in Hollywood had not for his death.
Among the couple’s children, only Francis Magalona ended up in showbiz. Before his unexpected demise, Kiko as he was popularly called, left a legacy in the Pinoy music world, starting with his patriotic rap song Mga Kababayan Ko.
A Real Love Triangle Looms
Did ABS-CBN management and TFC top brasses purposely cast together Coco Martin, Maja Salvador and singer Angeline Quinto in a show in Calgary, Canada to create intrigues this last week of November? You see, Coco was the cause of the break up (?) of Maja and Matteo Guidicelli. And Coco’s surprise appearance in the first solo concert of Angeline, gifting her with a necklace, popped up talks she’s a special girl for Coco. With their trip, how would Coco divide his time with them? How about Maja and Angeline? A predicament, tussle to win his attention or a love triangle might loom.
While in the Philippines last month, heard from colleagues there that Maja and Matteo have remained lukewarm to each other after his brawl with Coco. In Angeline’s case, reportedly she turns closer, sweeter to Coco. A taciturn that he is, don’t expect Coco’s temerity on his reply about Maja and Angeline.
Ever Supportive Susan Surfaces Anew
Once more, the ever supportive Susan Roces surfaces anew in the death of her manager Dolor Guevarra’s husband direk Boots Plate days ago. Susan was always at Dolor’s side to comfort her in the wake of Boots. These past years, Swannie and Dolor and have been inseparables. At times, Boots acted as the latter’s adviser too. Visibly present also was Dolor’s other alagas Carmina Villaroel, Zoren Legaspi and Eric Quizon. Boots had helmed several starrers of Eric, especially those which were critically acclaimed.
Our condolences to Dolor and her children.
As of press time, Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago neither confirmed nor denied that they have parted ways . This came out in the published items of Ricky Lo at Philippine Star. At that, more ostensibly opine the truth in their separation. Allegedly, Claudine broke down upon learning her joint bank account with him was cancelled by Raymart himself.
Reportedly, Carla Abellana and writer Mario Bautista finally buried the hatchet, so to speak. It’s said that Carla made the move to befriend Mario after their rift. Sans that hubris reaction before, it truly benefits Carla. Her new drama series Huwag Mong aagawin ang Langit enjoys high rating. Adding, Catholic Mass Media Awards acknowledged her acting recently.